Ink+Volt Inspirational Coloring Book

Ink+Volt Inspirational Coloring Book

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The Story 

This is no ordinary coloring book. Like most of the products we create here at Ink+Volt, this coloring book was designed thoughtfully, carefully, and intentionally to help you live a life that brings you success and satisfaction.

Each page offers intricate lines and details, forming all sorts of shapes and patterns just waiting for your color to hit the paper and bring them to life. It wouldn't be an Ink+Volt product if we didn't attempt to inspire you along the way, which is why each illustration is paired with our most favorite inspirational sayings and mantras! 

Ink+Volt Coloring Book lifestyle Ink+Volt Coloring Book lifestyle

We started as a company focused on creating products and systems to help you reach your goals and go after your dreams. And what we learned is that your personal progress is just as important as your professional progress. Everything from practicing gratitude to finding what brings you joy are also a huge part of leading a happy and successful life. 

The benefits of coloring are clear: reduced stress, improved focus, heightened creativity, and even better sleep. That's why a coloring book is the perfect tool for releasing stress and tapping into your creative side. Because the right side of your brain, which helps process things like color, shapes, music, and art, is just as important as your logical, goal-oriented, and rational left side of the brain. Balance is key. Unleash creativity and calm, and make this inspiring coloring book a part of your self-care ritual.

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10" x 8" This coloring book is the perfect size to carry with you or keep at home.
22 spreads of illustrations 22 inspirational quotes intertwined within intricate illustrative designs on full page spreads.
Thick, quality paper Equivalent to roughly 60# cover stock, this paper is tried, true, and tested. Holds up to colored pencils, gel pens, and brush markers with no bleed through.
Lay flat binding Each page will lay flat, enhancing the coloring experience.