Ink+Volt Self-Care Pad

Ink+Volt Self-Care Pad

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The Story

We created this notepad so you can be at your best. With the everyday pressures of work and life, we all deserve time for ourselves to recharge and get back in balance. There are countless benefits to self-care, including boosted self-esteem, better stress management, good physical health, and positive feelings. When we make time for ourselves, we can start each day with focus, positivity, and greatness. Self-care should be intentional, routine, and most importantly, enjoyable. It should be dedicated time to yourself, and taking care of your body and mind.  

Be sure to check out our free self-care worksheets to get into the practice of self-care. 

Ink+Volt Self-Care Pad lifestyle


5 3/4" x 8 1/2" Notepad size.
50 sheets Each sheet tears off at the top cleanly and smoothly.
70# quality paper We use 70# super smooth paper that we've come to trust in our Ink+Volt Planner.
Incredibly functional Reflect on and assess different areas, then make an actionable plan for self-care.
Made in USA This notepad is proudly produced in the U.S.