February 27, 2016

The Weekly Planning Pages

I start every week with a planning session. I block out a full hour on my calendar to devote to planning and thinking—I call it my Ninja Planning Session.


The Weekly Planning page is designed to organize daily assignments in a way that will help you do your job better.

You can do your planning Sunday night, or first thing Monday morning (that is when I do my planning session), or even on Fridays if that works better for you. The key is to pick a time that you can commit to every week. In order for this system to work, you have to be disciplined about keeping appointments with yourself.

How To Use The Weekly Planning Pages

Each week start your planning with the Weekly Goals page. Start by listing your top priorities at the top of the page. These are the things you really have to get done this week.

Look back on your previous week and see what you accomplished and what was left over. If you didn’t get to something, go ahead and move it to this week’s list.

Think about the good things that happened last week. Did you have any big ah-ha moments? How about any hiccups or mistakes? What can you learn from last week to help you be more effective/productive/happier/etc. this week? I typically try to jot down at least 2-3 of these things in the “Reflect + Celebrate” section of the page. If you need more space, that is one great use for the Inspiration page (directly opposite the Weekly Goals page).

Now flip to the start of your notebook. Are you living and acting in harmony with your Yearly Theme? Is there something you can do this week to move forward on your Yearly Goals? This is also a great time to add an achievement on the Accomplishment Page. Make sure you are moving forward on the things you established as really important for your year.

Do the same thing with your Monthly Goals and 30 Day Challenge. Have you been consistent in making progress? It is okay if you haven’t, but make note of your progress and process.

If it’s the start of a month, this is a good time to take a step back and think about the month ahead. That is when I work on populating my Monthly Goals.

Then using my weekly goals, I lay out the time blocks in my schedule in the Weekly Outlook. Working alongside my Google calendar (which is where all my work meetings go), I plan my time. I put all my personal and professional appointments in my Spark Notebook. This includes time for workouts, cooking dinner and work that requires deep, focused attention.

*Planning Tip: If something comes up and you can’t get it done this week, go ahead and put it on your goals for next week. That way you can jump start your planning and won’t forget everything you need to do.

Here is my schedule for last week. Notice how I draw little boxes next to my items so I get to check them off? It makes me feel accomplished 🙂
weekly schedule

Of course, you can also make these your own! For example, in the first image one designer used it for the daily doodles. You can write bits of inspiration, ideas, or even affirmations if you want. This whole notebook has been designed for you to make it your own. 🙂