Copy of History

Ink+Volt started in 2014 as the brainchild of Kate Matsudaira, a technology executive and startup founder who has been on the quest for the perfect notebook for more than 10 years. She launched a Kickstarter for her own planner — now called the Ink+Volt Planner — and after exceeding her goal by over $100,000, the rest was history.

That first Kickstarter was entirely packed and shipped out of Kate’s dining room, with pallets of planners stacked high in her garage. Needless to say, we made fast friends with our local post office branch.


In the years between then and now, the company has grown — in 2016 alone, we launched over 100 products in just one summer. But we have never forgotten our humble beginnings. Every holiday season, you will find our whole team huddled around the dining room table printing mailing labels and shipping thousands of planners to customers around the world.

Ink+Volt has now become a passionate community of people enthusiastic about productivity, goals, and success. Our goal is to make you more successful in work and in life. We design and create products that will help you on your journey toward success, including our best-selling Ink+Volt Planner.