Unlock Your Creative Side

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, and it isn’t limited to artistic abilities. Everyone has a creative side – the trick is learning how to harness it.

creativity worksheets

Being creative helps you face life’s challenges with greater success and comfort, because you can see fresh perspectives and new solutions to problems. Creative activities can also help you feel more calm, grounded, and focused. Our free printable creativity worksheets are a fun and easy way to get started with developing your own creative practice.

Coloring Worksheets

  1. Reflect - Enjoy - Repeat
    Get creative and colorful with this fun and easy mandala pattern.
  2. Be Remarkable Floral
    Inspired by a favorite pattern in our coloring book, this floral bouquet features interesting shapes and details.

The Ink+Volt Coloring Book

coloring book page

For the ultimate coloring experience, the Ink+Volt Inspirational Coloring Book is a great place to start. With 22 unique designs and patterns, escape into your own world and express with color.

Top Creativity Picks

For more ways to make creativity a part of your daily life, check out our top picks for fun tools to help you get in touch with your creative side.

Best Creativity Reads

Looking for more ideas on how to get creative? Check out our best articles for tips and advice.

A creative process isn’t always predictable or exact. Grow your creativity and see where it takes you.