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Scratch of Kindness Mini Notes secondary
Scratch of Kindness Mini Notes
Scratch of Kindness Mini Notes

Scratch of Kindness Mini Notes

$16.00 USD


Acts of kindness go a long way. These mini scratch-off "lunchbox notes" are a fun and easy way to spread joy. 

Write your message in the blank area, then cover it with the scratch-off sticker provided. Scratch with a coin, and the message is revealed! This set includes 12 cards (2 each of 6 different messages). Tuck them into a lunchbox, purse, bouquet of flowers... the options are endless! 

 Check out this holiday version for a fun twist on Christmas cards this upcoming season.

    Product Specs

    4 1/4" x 2 3/4"


    Made in the USA

    Why We Love It

    This card is just as fun to fill out as it is to receive! We love the surprising and exciting elements of this scratch-off card. Because you get to write your very own message underneath the scratch-off section, this card is extra special for the person receiving it.