Creative Everyday Uses For Glitter Pens

Creative Everyday Uses For Glitter Pens

From decorating your bullet journal to helping you stay on top of your goals, glitter pens are an all-around great tool to have on hand.

We all know that glitter pens are a fun way to add some shimmer to your coloring books and crafting projects. But did you know that they also offer a ton of practical and productivity uses? Many people like to use glitter pens for note-taking, studying, habit tracking, designing their planner pages, and more.

Glitter pens are an aesthetically pleasing tool that our inner child would love, and our adult selves can rely on. 

So if you’re a visual learner or a crafty creative, or someone who’s just looking to brighten their day, here are some ideas for everyday uses for glitter pens.

Use glitter pens to plan your goals

If you’re looking for a way to stay on top of your goals, try adding glitter pens to your planner pages.

We can’t rely on memory or good intentions alone to help us commit to our goals. We need systems and tools to keep us accountable, and remind us to act. That’s where simple tools like glitter pens come in.

When planning your goals for the week, try underlining or highlighting them with glitter pens. 

Later on, when you’re flipping through your planner pages, your eyes will naturally land on those sparkly sections, which then visually remind you to take action. 

The act of decorating your goals will also make the planning process feel that much more fun and special, and less like tedious work. And the more fun we have with our goals, the easier it will be to stick with them. 

Use glitter pens to help you study

A glitter pen can be a great study aid and help you identify important information on the page. Because our eyes are naturally drawn to colorful or bright areas, these visual cues are signaling us to slow down and take note of this information. 

So if you’re looking to make your study session or note-taking more effective, use your glitter pens to highlight, underline, and emphasize salient details. 

Use glitter pens to get motivated

Another tip for staying on top of your goals is to make sure you celebrate every little win. Positive reinforcement keeps us motivated. And when we have visual evidence of our progress, we’re even more excited to continue our hard work.

So if your goal is to run everyday this week, use your glitter pen to create a checkmark or star after each run.

Or, if you’re keeping track of a new habit in your bullet journal, use a glitter pen to chart your progress.

If you find yourself dreading a deadline or dragging your heels on a project, use your glitter to help you create some enthusiasm. Create a cheerful banner around your deadline or color in the dates. A fun little visual can make a deadline seem less overwhelming and intense, and more actionable. 

Use glitter pens to decorate your greeting cards 

There’s nothing like sending a handwritten card in the mail to make a person feel special. 

A simple way to elevate your greeting card game is to add some artistic flourishes with glitter pens.

You can address the envelope with a gold glitter pen to make the card look professional and sophisticated. Or use brightly colored glitter pens to make it look fun and festive. Be as creative as you want. And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person. A little shimmer makes a big impact. 

Use glitter pens to celebrate the everyday

The period after December can seem so bleak and dreary. Without any big holidays or special events to plan and look forward to, winter can feel so harsh and endless, and spring and summer feel so far away. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate the everyday. 

Take out your planner and treat your everyday moments like special occasions. Are you excited about the weekend? Use your glitter pens to design a fun banner or bunting around those days. Do you cherish everyday moments like your morning cup of coffee or daily walk in the park? Design little symbols and motifs to celebrate these experiences.

Don’t forget to add important reminders like movie release dates, new books to add to your reading list, or dinner dates with a friend. Taking some time to acknowledge these everyday moments will help you realize just how special and full our lives really are. 

Best glitter pens for everyday

Here are some of our favorite glitter pens that will definitely add some flair to your planner pages and greeting cards. 

OOLY Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Pens. This 12-pack is our bestseller for good reason. With a 1.0 mm bold line, OOLY glitter pens are perfect for decorating cards, writing in your planner pages, or adding pretty details to your coloring book. 

Gelly Roll Gold Shadow 5-Pack. These metallic glitter pens have a two-toned effect: the pen writes in gold metallic ink but it outlines in a different color. How stunning is that? Use these metallic pens for your crafting projects, journal pages, bullet journal, and more. 

Gelly Roll Hot Metallic 5-Pack. This set of gel ink pens have a reflective sheen and metallic finish. You could use these for note-taking, illustrating, letter writing, and more. Bonus: you can use these pens on both glossy and matte surfaces.
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