Father’s Day Ideas and Gifts for Dad

Fathers Day ideas collected on a table: a nice pencil, a watch, and a book to fill out for dads.

What did the buffalo say when he dropped his son off at school? 


The terrible jokes are just one thing to love about dads. So, what do you get dad to celebrate all he’s done for you over the years? It can be difficult to choose just the right gift for Father’s Day! 

There’s the classic ball cap, the #1 Dad mug, or the dress tie. Those options will all do, but they are so overdone. It’s time to elevate the Father’s Day gift to something sophisticated, yet useful. Dads are practical by nature, so let that guide you toward the perfect gift. 

Father’s Day ideas for gifts

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, especially when they’re go-getters who always seem to have everything they need. The challenge also makes the shopping kind of fun, though. 

Consider these factors before you start shopping: 

  • Hobbies. What does your dad like to do in his free time? If he’s outdoorsy, consider gear he might need. If he’s a reader, you can’t go wrong with something on the bestseller list, a magazine subscription, or a box set from his favorite author. 
  • Style. Is he more outdoorsy or does he spend more time at the office? Either way, there’s likely a useful gift here, whether it be a new pair of hiking shorts or a commuter bag that will keep him looking sharp. 
  • Kitchen skills. Some dads are culinary wizzes. Others can mix a mean cocktail. Some may need a little help. Kitchen gear, whatever level he’s at, is always a good place to start. Cater the gift to his taste and you’ll have a winning Father’s Day.
  • Work. It might seem kind of odd to get something work related for dad on Father’s Day, but fancy office supplies are surely something he’ll appreciate. Anything that upgrades his desk, is a sure bet, especially if he spends a lot of time at the office.
  • Make it personal. Lastly, make sure whatever you give him comes from the heart. That’s most important! You can’t go wrong with a book that captures all of the important things about him. “50 Things About My Father” is packed with prompts you’ll both love. 

Luxe Spirits Sugar Set

Bring the cocktail bar to him with the Luxe Spirits Sugar Set from Teaspressa. If your dad is the type who enjoys a classic Manhattan or tangy Moscow mule, then the sugar set is the perfect addition to his at home bar. Pair the liquid ingredients with one matching sugar cube, stir, and enjoy. If he’s more of a coffee or tea guy, there are sugar sets for those beverages too!

Lamy Scala Brushed Steel Fountain Pen

There’s just something about a really good pen, isn’t there? The weight of it as it glides across clean white paper is unmatched for office supply snobs. A luxurious pen, like the Lamy Scala Brushed Steel Fountain Pen, is extra special and perfect for all of the ultra professional dads. Why do we love it? It’s great quality and has a timeless design. Kind of like a good dad.

Stylish Slippers

Few things are as luxurious as a good slipper. While they signify a moment of relaxation, they can also be extremely stylish and elevate his time lounging around the house. The Minnetonka Genuine Shearling Lined Ankle Boots are just as cozy as they are sophisticated. A hard sole makes them presentable for when guests are around too!

The Ultimate Backpack 

For dads that are always on the go, a perfect backpack is a necessity. It should be stylish enough for commuting but rugged enough for a hike. Versatility is a must for busy and adventurous dads. The Patagonia Arbor Market Pack 15L checks all the boxes. It features a padded laptop sleeve for workday commutes and a lightweight design for the trail days.

Smartphone Sanitizer 

Phones are gross and they’re hard to wash. That is, unless you have a super-futuristic machine that does the dirty work. PhoneSoap makes sure all devices are completely sanitized. It kills bacteria other cleaners can't. A portable design makes it a great gift for a dad who is always out and about. While it is a perfect gift for dad, we bet he’ll have to share. The whole family will want to try it too!

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

Many dads are masters of the grill, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t use a little help here and there. A Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank adds flavor to all kinds of foods that are grilled. and it can be refrigerated and used to serve cold dishes as well. It adds a hint of salt without being too much, a true companion for any chef, novice or expert.

Rugged and Dapper Face Mask for Men

Even dads need a good skin care routine. This mask from Rugged and Dapper will shape his skin up in no time. It’s specially formulated for men’s skin, and — like many popular women’s treatments — fights aging and draws out toxins that cause dry and dull skin. Let’s face it, a spa night is just as useful as it is fun.

Leather Airpod Case

For techie dads, there’s nothing better than a hint of sophistication to accompany their devices. We know dads love practicality. This gift meets that mark and then some. Grab a leather Airpod case to keep his headphones safe and stylish. 

The Dad Hoodie 

Diaper bags can be clunky and difficult to lug around for dads on the go, thankfully there’s a trendy solution: the Dad Hoodie. No, not his grimy old one. On the outside, this super-soft jacket looks like a normal zip-up hoodie, but on the inside is a compartment for everything. There are six internal pockets, perfect for storing diapers, bottles or a few extra snacks. 

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