Spring Cleaning Tips To Give Your Life a Refresh

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Spring is the perfect time to deep clean your home.

The warmer weather and brighter days motivate us to roll up our sleeves, tackle the dust and the dirt, and let the fresh air in. 

And spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. You can use this transitional time to reflect on some of the changes you’d like to bring into your own life. Maybe it’s switching up the decor in your bedroom. Or creating some new goals for yourself. Or getting rid of old habits. You can “spring clean” and revive the different areas of your life.

So break out the cleaning supplies and checklists, and let’s get started on giving your life a spring cleaning refresh.

Create a spring cleaning plan 

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to break out the notebooks and colorful markers. Big projects seem a lot more manageable (and fun!) when you plan them out with pen and paper.

First, take stock of your current situation and reflect on the changes and improvements you’d like to make in your space and in your life. You might want to free-write in your journal to help you discover all the things you’d like to spring clean and refresh. 

Take inventory of each room. Go through each room and take inventory. Which room is feeling cluttered or stressful to you? Which room has weird vibes or “blah” energy? Prioritize the spaces that evoke a strong reaction in you so that you can transform them into something that makes you feel calm and positive.

What changes would you like to make in your home? Think about the changes, improvements, or updates you’d like to make in your spaces. Do you want to brighten up your space with colorful decor? Do you want to declutter and streamline your home? Does your space need a thorough scrubbing and cleaning?

Take inventory of your life. Now it’s time to look at your personal, professional, and internal life. How are you currently feeling? Are you feeling negative or “blah” about anything? Are there any habits you’d like to break? Any relationships that are weighing you down? 

What changes would you like to make in your life? Think about your relationships, career, routines, etc. What changes would you like to introduce to improve your life? Maybe it’s signing up for an art class. Or organizing a writer’s group. Or setting boundaries at work or with your friends. Think about all the little changes you can make to brighten up your life. 

Spring cleaning each room

Now that you have a clear idea of the changes and updates you’d like to make in your home, it’s time to set aside time each day for spring cleaning. 

Remember to manage your time and energy, and be realistic about how much you can accomplish in one sitting. So instead of trying to clean your entire home from top to bottom, just focus on one room or one space at a time.

Here are some ideas to clean and organize your home when you have about 10-15 minutes to spare. You could probably do one or two of these chores a day.  


  • Keep a donations bag in your closet and toss in unused clothes whenever you have the chance. At the end of the month or quarter, donate this bag to a clothing drive or charity.
  • Swap out your heavy winter duvet for a spring one. 
  • Vacuum your rug.
  • Tidy your nightstand. 
  • Organize the clothes in your dresser.
  • Put away your off-season clothes. 


  • Clean out your fridge: toss out expired food, clean your shelves and drawers.
  • Organize your spices and toss out expired ones.
  • Organize your pots and pans.
  • Clean your floor.
  • Wipe off the table.
  • Clean your dishwasher


  • Vacuum the rug
  • Organize your shoes
  • Tidy the entryway table


  • Clean the toilet
  • Properly discard expired makeup and medicine.
  • Scrub the bathroom tiles and tub

Living room

  • Organize the bookshelves
  • Clean the windows
  • Set aside books to donate


Spring cleaning and organizing your personal life 

Now that you’re starting to refresh and declutter your personal space, it’s time to bring that sense of change and renewal into your life. 

Ask yourself: 

What areas of my life feel overcomplicated and cluttered? Maybe it’s managing all your work deadlines. Or your meal planning for the week. Or maybe your social calendar feels overwhelming. 

What are some of the ways in which you can declutter and simplify your life? Look at the above list and brainstorm ways to simplify those parts of your life. Activate reminders for your deadlines. Create a meal plan that you’ll actually use. Block out dates in your calendar for “me” time and avoid making plans. 

What are some of the ways I can spring clean my work life and career? Think of the little ways that you can refresh your professional life. It can be as small as replenishing your favorite office tools. Or setting aside time each day to organize your workspace

How can I spring clean my goals? Take a look at your current goals. Do you have too many to keep track of? Then just focus on one goal for the next couple of months. Are you not excited about your goals? Then figure out a way to make them light you up. Maybe it’s finding an accountability partner. Or giving yourself a deadline. Or pursuing a goal that you’ve always wanted to do.

Take it day by day

Much like spring cleaning your home, don’t feel pressured to spring clean your entire life in one go. Transformation and growth take time and patience to achieve. Start by reflecting, journaling, and defining the areas of your life you’d like to change. Then, take small steps each day to improve those specific areas. 

By the end of your spring cleaning routine, you and your space will feel lighter, brighter, and much more refreshed.

Written by JiJi Lee

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