The Monthly Planning Pages

The Monthly Planning Pages

The Monthly Planning Pages offer a big-picture look at how you’re spending your time.

Plan smarter days by always knowing the big picture context of your month. The Monthly Planning Pages are the perfect place to step back, look ahead, and set yourself up for success.

How to Use the Calendar Page

Take a look at the upcoming month all on one page. How you fill it out is up to you, but here are some tips for how we like to leverage the month-long calendar view:

  • Block off full days for big events like vacations or conferences
  • Mark big meetings or deadlines in a highly visible way so you won’t forget to transfer them to your Weekly Planning pages throughout the month
  • Note recurring appointments, like date nights or therapy sessions
  • Before you finish, look for blank places on the calendar — if you see big chunks of time that are free, brainstorm ideas for how to use them (for adding in things like productive time or self care)

Use the column the side of the page to jot down any notes that may be relevant for the whole month. For instance, you might add a reminder to schedule a roofing contractor sometime this month. Make notes here for ideas or appointments that are not yet booked, but that you don’t want to forget.

How to Use the Monthly Goals Page

The Monthly Goals Page helps you organize the projects that will move the needle in your life.

Write your goals using the list on the top of the page

On these lines, write down the larger goals you have for the month that may not be accomplished in a single day or week. As you look at this page, think about the big things you want to accomplish for work, for your personal life, and for your goals for the year.

A monthly goal could be finding a new job or completing a stage of a big project. These goals are time-sensitive. They may not have a specific end-date, but you are striving to complete them within the month.

Refer to previous months’ goals

All your work happens within a bigger context of your life. Not every big goal will get accomplished every month, so check back on last month’s goal list to see if there is anything you should transfer onto this month’s list.

When you’re using your Weekly Planning pages, you’ll refer to this month’s goals to inform how you spend your time every week.

Use the bottom box to add extra value

The box at the bottom of the page can be used for anything:

  • quick journaling about your perfect month
  • outlining a big goal into smaller actionable steps
  • crafting an action plan to change a habit
  • pasting a quote or picture that is your theme for the month
  • writing an affirmation to inspire great work this month

Make it yours!

Oh and don’t forget: when you’ve completed your monthly goal, check it off! Enjoy the gratifying feeling of accomplishing your goals for the month. You did it!

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