February 29, 2016

Monthly Planning


The Monthly Planning Page offers a big-picture layout of how you’re spending your time. After filling in the month and corresponding dates in their respective boxes, I think about big events that I will need to plan my schedule around.

Perhaps I am planning a vacation or attending a three-day conference. In both of these instances, I will block out whole days or weeks on my calendar.

The column down the side of this page is for you to jot down any notes that may be relevant for the whole month. For instance, you might add a personal note reminding you to schedule a roofing contractor. You haven’t set a date for this yet, but this note will help remind you that it needs to be done this month.

How to Use the Monthly Goals Page

The Monthly Goals Page helps you organize tangible projects that will move the mill in your life. These are larger goals that may not be accomplished in a single day or week. I think about the big things I want to accomplish for work, for my personal life, and for my goals for the year. A monthly goal could be finding a new job or creating an online platform for your services. These goals are time-sensitive. They may not have a specific end-date, but you are striving to complete them within the month. Write your goals at the top of the page.

If you don’t accomplish your goal within the month, or you have a goal that spans multiple months, use the space in the box below to reflect on your progress. How much have you gotten done? Has your goal changed? This reflection will help you decide whether to include it in next month’s goal section.

I also use the bottom box to write my affirmation for the month. You can use this box for anything – journaling about your perfect month, laying out a big goal into smaller more actionable steps, crafting an action plan to change a habit, or pasting a quote or picture that is your theme for the month. Make it yours!

Finally, when you’ve completed your monthly goal, check it off! Personally, I love ticking off the boxes because it gives me a gratifying sense of accomplishment.