Havana Floral Notepad


More than anything, it’s the little acts and small changes that help you become more successful than the day before.
This vibrant, floral notepad is designed to bring inspiration to your everyday to do list.
We’ve ditched the black and white in hope that these colorful notes will give you the energy to continue forward, one step at a time.
With this notepad, you’ll turn list-making into a beautiful ritual, setting the tone for a more productive day.
A 4.25 x 6.5″ notepad with 75 sheets waiting to be filled.

In stock

Why We Love It

As soon as we laid eyes on this notepad, we were encouraged to get rid of the scrappy, black and white pages we were currently using for our to do lists. Since then, none of us have looked back. This Havana notepad is a gentle reminder to fill your life with things that you love. We believe strongly that small changes can make the world of difference. And sometimes, that change takes the form of pretty notepad. Honestly, to do lists have never looked so great.

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