Le Pen - Brilliant 4-pack

Le Pen - Brilliant 4-pack

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Why We Love It

Every good notebook needs a trusty sidekick--or four! One of our absolute favorites, Le Pens are super fine, don't bleed or smudge, and write beautifully. We've tested them in our Ink+Volt Planner and have come to love the way they feel and write. The color combination of this pack reminds us of springtime. Your words and doodles will pop out of the page with these bright hues!


Set of 4 1 color each orange, lavender, pink, light blue.
0.3mm point Micro-fine point for precise writing.
Acid free and non-toxic ink Great ink makes for great writing.
Smudge free Pens that smudge have no place in our book.
Made in Japan Trusted manufacturers in pen and art supplies.