Le Pen - Dark 4-pack
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Le Pen - Dark 4-pack lifestyle

Le Pen - Dark 4-pack

$7.95 USD


Perhaps the Bright and Brilliant set is too colorful for you. The Dark set will liven up your journal and planner without making a bold statement. The dark colors also make them perfect for writing important documents. With a 0.3mm felt point, these micro-fine point pens write smoothly and without smudging. These will become your go-to doodle pens and because they are not bulky, you can carry several at a time.

We stand by the quality of these pens, but as an extra guarantee, all Le Pen writing instruments are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects.

Product Specs

Set of 4

0.3mm point

Acid free and non-toxic ink

Smudge free

Made in Japan

Why We Love It

Every good notebook needs a trusty sidekick--or four! One of our absolute favorites, Le Pens are super fine, don't bleed or smudge, and write beautifully. We've tested them in our Ink+Volt Planner and have come to love the way they feel and write. And in a variety of colors such as these dark and luxurious ones, you can color coordinate and mark up documents any way you'd like with a sophisticated touch and a hint of flair.