15 Useful and Fun Office Gifts

An array of elegant office gifts: a selection of grey notebooks, a white gift tag, and a slate blue journal open on a white tabletop.

Finding a great office gift can sometimes be a challenge.

You want to find something that’s unique and enjoyable, but unlike any regular office supply or gadget. Coming in under budget can be tricky, too. Luckily, there are so many different ways you can take the office gift. 

Before you start an office gift list, keep a few things in mind: 

Keep office gifts friendly (not exclusive)

It’s important to keep things pretty even, especially as office can be tight-knit groups that love to gossip. You don’t want to play favorites and let others feel left out. This is also important if you’re gifting to clients. It’s a smaller world than we think sometimes! 

Get creative, but keep it appropriate to the person

This is the toughest part about office gift-giving, but it can be the most fun, too. Find ways to put a personal touch on something useful, like a notebook or pen set, by writing a personalized card or searching for something that meets the recipient's specific needs.

Thinking out of the box isn’t tough when you’re giving gifts to people you spend all day with. If your desk neighbor is into cooking, find a fun new lunch accessory, like a utensil set for days they bring their lunch. 

If you don't know much about the person (like if you randomly drew someone for Secret Santa), ask around to learn about their interests from people who know them well. If you really can't get any intel, go for the basics: gift cards to nearby restaurants, cool desk accessories they'll use every day, or little upgrades to everyday items.

Over-gifting can be awkward, so stick to what feels comfortable and thoughtful. A little bit can go a long way! 

15 office gifts for the holidays

Crystal Manifestation Pen. What you believe is what you become, but a little bit of help from an amethyst or crystal-topped pen couldn’t hurt. These pens look really chic and clear bad vibes and invite good energy. A letter to the universe is likely in order after receiving this gift.

Work Affirmation Cards. Perfect for starting the day on the right foot, or breaking the ice during another Zoom meeting. These uplifting and funny cards are inspiring without being cheesy. Give these to the most positive person on the team to show your support for their good attitude!

Ultimate Work From Home Suite. Working from home, even part time, is fun until it isn’t. For those days, your coworker will thank you for this 6-piece bundle includes productivity notepads, a daily reflection pad, a planner, and 4 of your gift recipient's new favorite Le Pen pens.

Kinetic Sand. For stressful office (or home office) environments, a calming gift is both creative and helpful. Kinetic sand, floam or something similar is great for keeping in a nearby drawer for frustrating conference calls, when technology seems to be failing or if it’s just a really long day. 

Ink+Volt Weekly Desk Pad. An organized desk can be the first step to a more organized life. The Ink+Volt Weekly Deskpad combines all the helpfulness of the daily planner with the ease of a desk calendar. This gift definitely makes life a little bit easier. 

Tea Infuser Mug. An easy and equally thoughtful office gift is the tea infuser mug. It brings a little comfort into the workspace, and we really all could use that in some way or another. 

Twistable Cord Ribbons. Useful gifts are so underrated, but when you take your work life really seriously, even office supplies like twistable cord ribbons, which help keep everything in its place, are kind of exciting. This office gift option is low budget, high impact. 

Marble Business Card Holder. There is something so special about an office supply that goes the extra mile, like a marble business card holder. It’s so stylish and gets the job done. Without being too over the top, this gift is a great addition to any desk. 

Buddha Board. Another great gift for when the day gets a little stressful, or there’s some downtime that calls for a little bit of creativity. The best thing about Buddha Boards is that they are zero mess, so calming and can easily become a conversation starter that leads to a great brainstorming session. It really serves so many purposes. 

Gratitude Journal. The Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal is a great gift for so many occasions, and the office is no exception. While not really a true office supply, you can’t ever go wrong with a gift that brings a little joy. Whether they take a journaling break during lunch or take the journal home, this gift will surely be one that invites a little bit of self care into the day.

Bento Lunch Box. Calling all office chefs! This bento-style lunch box is for them. A good office gift makes the day a little bit better, and there’s no way it’s a good day without a good lunch. 

The Executive Notebook. A really good notebook can be a gamechanger. The Executive Notebook from Ink+Volt is the kind of notebook that makes you want to take important notes, sit up in meetings a little straighter and write a little bit neater. Smooth paper that avoids bleed and a timeless design? You simply cannot go wrong. 

Cozy Throw Blanket. A blanket is most definitely an office supply, especially when thermostats are out of reach and a cubicle can easily become an igloo. This cozy throw blanket is pretty draped over the back of a chair when not in use and extra cozy when it is. 

Electronic Word Clock. Time is everything at the office, so a fun desk clock, like this electronic word clock, can at the very least make those really long days pass by a little easier. This clock is far from boring and looks great in any space, even very small ones. 

Brush Pens. An extra fun office supply is a really great gift because it’s a little bit of an indulgence. Brush pens, made for pretty lettering, are an easy way to elevate notes. The Le Pen Flex set works great in planners, notebooks and has a rubber tip, so it’s a great way to start lettering for beginners.

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