Grids & Guides Notebook

Grids & Guides Notebook

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Why We Love It

Ink+Volt is all about getting your dreams, thoughts, and ideas onto paper. We realized that although we have amazing products that help you make plans and lists, we needed to show a little love to those who prefer to express themselves through visuals and graphics. This notebook is the perfect hybrid to foster left-brain and right-brain thinking.

Grids & Guides Notebook inside lifestyle

This Grids & Guides book comes with the following 8 grid formats:

Cartesian 1/8″ Grid: A basic grid for plotting coordinates on opposing axes

Isometric Grid: Grid lines in three directions allow for 2-D projections of 3D objects and spaces

Basic Ledger Table: Keep track of credits and debits or make other ordered lists

Coordinate Map Grid: Tabulate data in a simple spreadsheet or locate parts of a map

Point Grid: A 1/4″ grid of data, with crosshairs every inch

Compound 1/8″ Grid: A versatile combo of 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8″ grids distinguished by color and thickness

Storyboard Grid: Chart a narrative with drawing or make thumbnail sketches of specimens

Circle Pattern Grid: Create striking patterns in a variety of scales, or subdivide the grid further


6.2" x 8.8" A perfect size for big ideas and small.
144 pages This book has 144 pages of rotating formats, and charts and infographics to spark the imagination.
8 unique layouts Includes a Cartesian grid, isometric grid, basic ledger table, coordinate map grid, point grid, compound grid, storyboard grid, and a circle pattern grid.
8 scientific guides/diagrams Including the human circulatory system, maritime signal flags, table of elements, and more.
Lay flat binding The book lays flat, allowing easy use of both sides of the page.