Love Letters

I just want to let you know that I LOVE my Spark Planner. It's already encouraging me to work harder to reach my goals. Not to mention providing the focus to figure out what my goals are to begin with :).

Thank you for the work you put into this planner to help people like me become a little bit more like the person I want to be.

Whitney B.

Thank you. I received the planner today - and I have to say, its not quite what I was expecting....

Its even BETTER! I love it! I cannot wait to dive into it! I'm a very technology oriented person, but I find that I'm better if I take the time to write certain things down.
Thanks again! I can't wait to be able to get my life in the book!

Larissa C.

I've never written a review but the Spark Notebook and its creator deserve the praise. I bought the Spark Notebook, skeptical that this attempt would be any different than my previous attempts of organization. Half full journals scatter my home, yet I still wasn't reaching my goals. I felt time fly with low productivity, and zero advancement on my goals.

I had no idea the Spark Notebook could have such an impact on my life. It forced me to take a look at what I really want.

My meetings went from hectic and stressful to relaxed and insightful.
My nights aren't filled with residual work because I accomplish big things everyday. I can enjoy my evenings.
My "to-do list" is a short pointed list of tasks I want to do, not have to.
My happiness level is exceptionally high, seeing my vision come to life has a profound effect.

The Spark Notebook changed everything. From the day I started using it, I was addicted to it. The design is flawless, it seems super simple but when you start applying it, you realize it is simple by design and complex in its effectiveness. It is like subliminal messaging to yourself. I am constantly glancing back and forth between daily tasks and long term goals. It forces me to plan my tasks very strategically. In my eyes, it is a fail proof system for reaching your goals.

As an ironman athlete, I wish I had the Spark Notebook when I was training. In the past 7 days of using my Spark Notebook, I've been more productive than the last 6 months combined (embarrassing but true, and a testament to the Spark Notebook.)

Living in a world of distraction, people need this notebook. If you are debating buying the Spark Notebook, buy five and get them overnighted and it will be the best X amount of dollars you ever spent.

I bought the 5 month planner a week ago and today I am buying two more, in fear she may run out. Well done, Kate. Anyone can tell you put your heart and soul into this and it's a work of art.

Kendell R.

I decided to order a Spark Planner after all, and it arrived today. I have to tell you that I'm quite impressed. I am getting my masters degree in book publishing. From a publishers point of view, the Spark Planner is a masterfully published book. The binding is well suited the job at hand, and the attention to detail is superlative. Thank you!

William Y.

I wanted to drop you a line saying how the Spark Planner has literally changed my life. I am a writer (both creative and freelance) and have always struggled to keep myself on track with my own personal deadlines, and to keep all the balls in the air.

This planner has made me so much more motivated-- by showing me the tangible benefits of my goals-- and showed me how tiny things add up. The combination of big picture and small picture really helps me. I would never have gotten as much done on my novel and on my freelance work without it.

So thanks again! I will recommend this planner to all creatives!

Jami N.

Before using the Spark Planner I would put the tasks I would like to complete in my Outlook task area. While I still do this, using the Spark Planner has helped me accomplish my tasks much more efficiently. Setting out what I would like to achieve each month and week gives me a guideline and helped me prioritize what tasks should and need to be done within a specific timeline. Thank you so much for helping me become more successful and efficient and completing what I set out to do both in my professional and personal life.

Mark R.


I just wanted to drop a quick line before I (one day) get around to taking photos of my notebook and sending them to you.

I am so happy and excited with my notebook. I just love it so very very much. I've started carving time out of my day and week to go over everything and spend time utilizing the writing prompts available. You can't imagine how much I love this little book (I'm sure you actually can, but I don't think you need to).

I haven't started illustrating it, yet, but I will. I'm already so please with two and a half weeks' worth of pretty color-coordinated pens and plenty of pages to write and let my imagination spread. I've ven been writing the prompts in a journal to save for later to rewrite about them.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Fenecia J.

I get freakin' excited on every Monday morning to sit down and spend some quality time with my planner. It's like a date, and it's sort of strange how much I enjoy it (but I do). I have recommended the Spark planner to many, many of my friends who similarly love it.

Meg T.

I wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE my Spark planner. It is hands down the most beautiful, most helpful, and most inspiring planner I have ever used. And I have used a ton of different ones because I am a bit of an organization freak. I also really loved the four worksheets you sent out at the end of 2015, these really helped me to crystallize the past year and plan for the year ahead. I look forward to each Sunday night where I sit with my planner and plan the week ahead. Honestly, I LOVE IT. I can't say this enough.

Jen B.

I wanted to share with you that the Spark Planner has been a great asset to me this year. I have been ready to make some important changes in my life and the planner has been a tremendous tool in my progress.

I have created habits around planning and reflection that I did not have before and my first 2 30-day challenges were enlightening.

At the beginning of the year I shared the reflection exercises with my staff at work, they enjoyed the process and one person ordered their own planner as a result.

Ali L.

I absolutely love my Spark Notebook! I have always been horrible about consistently using a planner. I would enter some things in my phone, some on my computer, and some on my monthly calendar. It was a mess. This year I decided to get my act together!

So far I have started to tackle my weight loss goal (down over 12 pounds!) and gotten a job in Tokyo! Both weight loss and joining the international expat community were part of my yearlong goals. I have already taken HUGE steps toward them, and it isn't even March!

Christine L.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my spark planner. Can’t imagine life without it! You must keep them coming! I am crushing 2016. After today I will have 2 - 30 days challenges successfully completed. Though my weekly goals have been staying the same, they are becoming habit which is my ultimate goal. In fact some are so much part of my life now that I forgot to write them down for March! Perhaps that’s a sign to add some new goals.

I love the simplicity of the planner. I love the weekly reflection journal pages. The Monthly goals, the Weekly goals, the 30 day challenge are all crazy useful. It’s just so perfect for me.

Corinne M.

Hi Kate!

First of all, I don't know if I can express my complete gratitude to you for creating the spark planner. The kickstarter was great... The best I have ever funded! It was timely, and your updates were fantastic. You are so personable, it felt like we have been friends for ages. I just loved it!

Second, you have been an angel in my life that has saved me. This planner has transformed my life! Starting in December when you sent out the weekly planning sheets to prepare for the 2016 spark planner... My life started to change. And when January rolled around, I became a new person. This planner has given me what I needed to get my life on the path I want it to be.

Not only has it helped me be more productive, but it has helped me overcome hurdles I have been struggling with in the past year or so. I have had crippling anxiety with some depression, along with some health problems. When I started planning and following the guidelines you've provided... All of the sudden my anxiety lifted, and my health problems started to fade! It was almost like magic. I had been taking medication just so I could make it through the day, but once I started using your planner, even for just this last month, my life has changed so much that I haven't even thought about my anxiety or the things that bothered me. I have been able to eat without digestion problems and my overall energy levels have increased. It really is nothing short of a miracle.

This planner that you have created has literally saved my life and helped me become the person that I have been wanting to be. You are an angel in my life, and I will never think of you as anything less.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart,

Cameron W.

Just to share how amazing you and your product is I had gotten it as a late Christmas/early 25th birthday present for my boyfriend who has a VERY HARD time with organizing his time and achieving his goals, especially with his ADD and anxiety/depression. Between army, losing weight (for himself and the army which he has been trying to do for a long time), school, work, even getting (his first) puppy and more, he has definitely improved within the last two months. Already reaching goals and making new ones! He was literally SO excited when he saw it and started using it immediately and threw out his old planner. So I am so thankful and appreciative of your hard work and customer service!

Ashley R.

I wanted to share with you the one simple commitment I made last December. Stay in the planner. Complete every day. That's it. Not complicated. I can attest, I've done so. Not missed a day. All days aren't automatically productive. Some are just misses. However, every day is accounted for. I appreciate the tool and your efforts. I also utilize an accountability partner, two actually, that I send my weekly and monthly plan to via text and we have calls on the 15th and 1st of each month.

Many thanks for a great tool and I'm excited about my progress. Still much to improve but your planner gives me the rail to run on.

Sherman M.

One full week into your planner and I feel major shifts already. My attitude in life both inside and outside my studio has much to do with growth and change - pushing boundaries and limits. Yet discipline is part of my approach. Your planner is a perfect addition!!!

Amber Jean