By Jiji Lee

Fall in Love with a Notepad Today

Why notepads are some of our favorite pieces of stationery (and should be yours, too).

Here’s a scenario: 

You have an a-ha, Eureka moment and you can’t wait to write down your brilliant idea — only to then realize you don’t have any paper nearby. So you resort to using a piece of scrap paper, but then the next thing you know, you lose the scrap paper, you forget your idea, and you start wishing the muses had better timing.

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps you’re more the digital tools type and you never lose your ideas. Except whenever you grab your phone to record your notes, you find yourself checking the weather app, and then Instagram, and then, suddenly, an entire afternoon has vanished. 

Whether you’re an analog fan or all about the cloud, it seems like there are still pitfalls to using either system for brainstorming and note taking. Maybe the simplest solution is to go back to the days of nice stationery and notepads.

Notepads may bring to mind the letter writing days of Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf, but they’re just as relevant and useful for today’s modern and busy world. From boosting your creativity to improving your productivity to adding a bright spot on your desk, here are just some of the small but impactful ways that a notepad can improve your life.  

Writing makes you smarter

You may have heard that writing by hand will improve your ability to retain and process information — moreso than if you were to passively listen during a meeting or read a book or type your notes on a computer.

The act of writing by hand means that you are slowing down and taking the time to digest and analyze the information, rather than just passively consuming it. 

So the next time you’re reading an online article or a book, keep a notepad nearby and remember to take a few moments to jot down notes and key pieces of information on your stationery. 

This note-taking method is not only beneficial to your study habits, it’s also helpful if you’re in a meeting or on an important business call. Writing the notes by hand will actually help you capture a lot more information. Later, if you forget any key details, you can always go through your notes to help jog your memory — without having to worry about any phone distractions in the process. 

Notepads make your work more meaningful

No matter what field of work you're in, chances are that a big part of your job is to generate lots of ideas, and usually under strict time constraints. 

While it’s easy to write a list of your ideas on plain old scrap paper, it’s just as easy to transfer your thoughts onto an actual notepad. There’s something about the act of writing your notes on crisp, well-designed paper that makes you feel that much more excited about your work. The use of nice stationery suddenly elevates your simple idea into something more promising. (Unlike, say, when I try to write an idea on a wrinkled receipt and then later struggle to decipher my smudged handwriting.) 

Maybe you feel that you don’t need to use stationery when any ordinary piece of paper will do. But there is a noticeable difference between scribbling on a piece of napkin versus writing on personal stationery. When you use well-designed, high quality paper, you feel like you are treating your ideas with more worth and value. In doing so, you end up making yourself feel more worthwhile in the process.

Be more productive

Instead of sifting through heaps of scrap paper or being distracted by your phone, you can store your ideas on a notepad, and keep it in a place that’s easily accessible. And while a beautiful notepad is visually appealing, you don’t have to worry about it distracting you with the internet.

If you want to be mindful of how you use paper, you can always use your scrap paper to clear any mental clutter and unspool all of your random thoughts onto it. After sorting through your thoughts, you can then use your notepad to write down your tasks and to-dos in a more organized fashion. By keeping all your tasks and action items on one notepad, you can then start checking them off with ease. 

A notepad adds color and whimsy to your daily tasks

There’s nothing like an eye-catching and colorfully designed notepad to get you excited about your to-do lists. Whether it’s a stunning floral pattern or whimsical animals, your life begins to feel just as vibrant and colorful as these designs. Plus, your tasks and schedules don’t seem as daunting when you’re putting them on a piece of paper that makes you smile.

Think back to your days as a school kid, when you got to use construction paper and coloring books. The world seemed so innocent and playful when you had these items in tow. You can bring back that sense of fun and amusement with an adorable notepad. Your cubicle and home office will suddenly be infused with more color and delight.

Here are some of our favorite picks for well-designed and beautiful stationery:

These notepads are the perfect companions for your daily work. 

Animal Faceted Foil Notepad Collection: You’ll have an easier time managing your to do lists with these charming and beautiful designs. The Crab Faceted Notepad will remind you of the idle days of summer, while the butterfly notepad will bring a sense of optimism to your daily work. The elephant version will help ensure you never forget your most important thoughts, and this hummingbird will infuse your day with a flitter of energy and joy.

Lucky Notepad Collection: Some days you could use a little bit of luck — that's why we created this notepad collection to be your stationery good luck charm. Pick from lucky clovers, stars, dice, or a horseshoe design for a beautiful gold foil notepad with an inspiring phrase on it that's sure to add a little sparkle to your day.

Havana Floral Notepad: This bright design will not only lift your spirits, but it will actually get you excited for tackling your to do lists. 

Do or Die Notepad: This cheeky, punk rock design is for the rebel in you who loves crushing your goals as much as you love all things skull and crossbones. 

While using a notepad is a wonderful way to brainstorm and get your ideas on paper, it’s also a small, but impactful step towards improving your life. The path to reaching your goals is all about the tiny steps and tiny actions we do every day. Using a notepad is a small but mighty way to help you gain traction on your goals while also adding brightness to your day.