OHTO Horizon GS01 Needle Ballpoint Pen

OHTO Horizon GS01 Needle Ballpoint Pen

OHTO's Horizon GS01 Needle Point Pen is a classic for a reason.

The aluminum hexagonal barrel tapers into a round tip with a very fine needle point. This pen features a retractable push button and a sleek, shiny barrel. While the point is listed as a 0.7mm, it actually writes much finer thanks to the needle-like tip. Great for precise projects and fine writing! 

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Why We Love It

This pen is a great "everyday carry" option. It's the pen we reach for when we want fine, precise lines on the paper and a sleek and shiny look in the hand. 

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0.7mm point Listed as a 0.7mm point, this pen writes more like a 0.3mm.
Aluminum body This all-aluminum body lends a nice weight to the pen.
Made in Japan Designed and manufactured by pen-maker OHTO.