Penco Drafting Ballpoint Pen

Penco Drafting Ballpoint Pen

This Japanese ballpoint pen is the ideal choice for when precision is key.

The Penco Drafting Ballpoint Pen is a compact, all-aluminum retractable pen. With a hexagonal metal body and an engraved crosshatch on its lower barrel, the pen provides a light yet firm grip. Its petite size fits perfectly in a pocket or purse. The needlepoint tip of 0.5mm is perfect for precise drawing or making crisp lines along a ruler's edge. 

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Why We Love It

This pen might feel like it belongs in your toolbox rather than a pen cup, and that's not a bad thing. Suitable for architects, engineers, and designers alike, anybody can appreciate the fine lines this pen produces. 

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0.5mm tip A extra fine tip ballpoint.
4" long Compact size.
Retractable No more fussing with plastic caps–this pen is retractable.
Metal body This pen is 100% stainless steel.
Made in Japan From pen company Penco.