Pilot White Tiger Fountain Pen
Pilot White Tiger Fountain Pen Case
Pilot White Tiger Fountain Pen lifestyle

Pilot White Tiger Fountain Pen

$23.00 USD


Fountain pens don’t have to be bold and colorful in order to be fun and interesting. Introducing the Pilot Animal fountain pen in this “White Tiger” style. This pearl white fountain pen has a subtle tiger stripe accent band that gives it a little flair. The pen has polished stainless steel accents, a fine tipped nib, and comes in a durable and reusable case. Equipped with a black ink cartridge and a user/care manual, you’ll be set up and ready to write in no time.

Product Specs

Black ink

Stainless steel hardware

Reusable plastic case

Why We Love It

As you may have noticed, we love the color white here at Ink+Volt. There's something so clean, simple, and refreshing about it. When we found this fountain pen, we knew our customers would love the look of it. The animal print isn't loud or wild looking, but beautiful pearl white and grey tiger stripes that give this otherwise smooth white pen a little bit of funk and edge.