Pilot FriXion Erasable Ball Pens - Assorted Color 8-pack

Pilot FriXion Erasable Ball Pens - Assorted Color 8-pack

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Why We Love It

We all make mistakes. So when we heard about these erasable pens, we thought it might be too good to be true. But lo and behold, we tried these pens ourselves and could not believe the results. The eraser isn't what you'd expect--unlike a gummy pencil eraser, the FriXion pens have a hard synthetic eraser that doesn't wear out or shed residue when you erase. A new Ink + Volt favorite!

How They Work

We could say that FriXion pens are simply magic, but we would be discounting the amazing technology that actually is the secret behind these pens. They trick to the FriXion pens isn’t the eraser, but the special thermo-sensitive ink. The ink formula is comprised of chemical compounds that react when friction is applied. Thus, the synthetic rubber eraser creates heat when you rub the ink on the paper. The chemical compounds then react to this heat and causes the dye of the ink to essentially change its color and “disappear.” For a fun experiment and to see how the thermo-sensitive ink really works, write a note and then erase with your FriXion pen, and stick the note in the freezer. You’ll see the ink magically reappear!

So how do you make sure the ink erases cleanly from your page? The answer is obviously friction–but the key to a clean and quick erase is by creating friction faster with the eraser tip, rather than slow strokes.

Suggested use

Because of the thermo-sensitive ink technology, it’s recommended that you keep these pens out of extreme heat (like in a hot car or in the sun) as well as conditions where the temperature reaches below 14 degrees Fahrenheit. You wouldn’t want all of your important notes and writing to disappear in the intense heat, or reappear in the frigid cold! And lastly, the FriXion pens are not recommended for signing legal documents or official paperwork (such as those requiring a signature).


Set of 8 Comes with black, blue, red, pink, purple, orange, lime, brown.
Fine point tip Writes thinly and smoothly.
Erasable gel ink Write in pen and erase your mistakes-enough said.