Writing Memoir: A Book of Writing Prompts

Writing Memoir: A Book of Writing Prompts

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Created by the San Francisco Writer's Grotto, Writing Memoir is a workbook designed to guide you through the process of putting your personal life story into compelling words.

This workbook consists of prompts and space to write, with opportunities to reframe aspects of your life in thoughtful and interesting ways. Among other ideas, you’ll be asked to write things like:

  • A virtual tour of your hometown
  • A description of what’s in your purse or wallet right now
  • A list of all the lies you’ve told
  • An account of a historical event from your own lifetime, in a way that reveals something significant about yourself

Perfectly sized to take to a café, on vacation, or on your morning commute, this book is designed for practicing your creative writing a little bit at a time. 

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Product Specs

5 1/8" x 8 1/4"

96 pages

Lay flat

Why We Love It

For a lot of writers, getting started is the hardest part. Oftentimes there's nothing more intimidating than a blank page staring back at you. We love this workbook for its informative hand-holding; it walks you through techniques, writing drills, and the skills required to write in the memoir genre. It's like a mini Masterclass in a book.