Zebra Collapsible Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Collapsible Ballpoint Pen

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Why We Love It

We've tested dozens and dozens of pens here at Ink+Volt. So when you come across a pen on our site, it means it has passed the ultimate test, and we hope it can become one of your favorite pens. This Zebra Collapsible Pen is one of our favorites, for several reasons. In addition to the collapsible feature (which is both convenient and brilliant), we especially love the heavy metal body. Trust us when we say that this pen feels more luxurious in person than it does in pictures! 

Zebra Collapsable Ballpoint Pen lifestyle


0.7mm point A fine line ballpoint.
4 1/8" - 5" length Collapsed, this pen is barely over 4" long. When fully expanded, it measures 5". Makes a great travel buddy!
Metal body The metal material lends a nice weight and quality.