“I Needed to Make 2018 Beyond Exceptional. That’s When I Found the Ink+Volt Planner.”

“I Needed to Make 2018 Beyond Exceptional. That’s When I Found the Ink+Volt Planner.”

Do you have big things you want to accomplish in 2019?

If you’ve been looking for a little inspiration — or if you’re thinking about buying an Ink+Volt Planner — we think you might like to read this amazing success story from one of our customers.

Here is the email we received from Mariah Joyce:

“Hi Kate!

I wanted to reach out to tell you how much I have loved my 2018 Ink+Volt Planner.

I have always kept a planner, but this one is the best.  Due to some personal and financial hardships I encountered in 2017, I decided that I needed to make 2018 beyond exceptional. That is when I found the Ink+Volt Planner.

I love that there is a section to outline my goals for the year. You also afford that same opportunity each month and each week. I love the weekly journaling exercises too–I made a commitment to myself to ensure that I do those exercises each week, for me, and I see that I am more focused than I ever have been. I love the daily layout too, for time-blocking and appointment-tracking for the day to day. But you already know this.

I wanted to share with you what I’ve accomplished in 2018 while using this planner:

My husband and I started and run an up-and-coming residential redevelopment company, Marigold Capital Group, LLC.  I buy and sell homes. Sometimes I flip them. Other times, I hold them as rentals. And sometimes I help sellers find buyers, and vise versa.

I invented a “multipurpose portable shaker” to be used in both the cosmetic world and medical/pharmaceutical industries. I have had artwork drawn up and a virtual presentation created and submitted to many prospective companies in effort to secure a licensing agreement. We are  are so happy to be “patent pending!”

I organized a fundraiser for a local nonprofit organization, Wings4Vets, a group of Vietnam Veteran pilots who donate their time and aircraft to transport disabled Veterans and their caregivers to and from medical treatments at no charge.  Our goal was $10,000. We raised $14,526. (I used the Hatch Notebook for this as well.)

I have tracked financials, budgeted, and paid personal and company bills. We went from having over $140,000 in debt to $20,000. Amazing! Like I said, 2017 could have been better…but nevertheless, I am thankful for the lessons and the journey.

I had made a goal to fund and attend a Real Estate Investor Conference in Las Vegas for December of 2018–we are going!

I also have two children in preschool.  This planner helps me keep up with their activities, snack days, events, parental commitments, and anything else they need.

There are many other accomplishments that I could itemize, but these are the big ones. I bought my 2019 Ink+Volt Planner when they were first released. I cannot wait to dive in! Actually, I’m going to dive in as soon as I am done with this email. I’m starting to schedule into next year!”

Mariah was generous enough to share few photos of the Ink+Volt Planner and Hatch Notebook she used this year to accomplish so many amazing things:

"I needed to make 2018 beyond exceptional. That
"I needed to make 2018 beyond exceptional. That
"I needed to make 2018 beyond exceptional. That

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