9 "Thinking of You" Gifts to Give Just Because

An array of colorful friendship cards and gifts for thinking of you gifts.

If you know someone who could use a little pick-me-up, you might be wondering what will do the trick.

Sometimes we want to send a gift just because. There’s no special occasion, holiday, or birthday. Sometimes it’s just because we want to say “thanks for being you!” or cheer someone up during a hard time.

But finding the perfect "thinking of you" gift can be hard to do.

You don’t want it to be too much or too little, but you want it to be meaningful, yet light-hearted. You see the dilemma? 

There are a few things that are important to keep in mind when deciding on such a gift: 

  • Make it personal — You’re probably giving this gift to somebody close to you, so make it personal. You don’t have to put in a ton of effort to make something personal, just make sure it relates to their interests or needs. A personalized, heartfelt card is perhaps most meaningful of all.
  • Don’t go overboard — Don't get too carried away. Something too pricey might end up being an awkward gesture. Remember, it’s the little things that mean the most!
  • Details matter — When you want to say, “Just thinking of you!” the littlest details in a gift make all the difference. This gift should speak to how well you know the person, like gifting a succulent to the office plant-mom or a coffee gift card to somebody always ready to make an afternoon latte run. 

Here are a few gifts that are easy to give and will be sure to remind the recipient how much you care. 

1. Inspirational Coloring Book

Coloring can be an effective way to ward off stress and ease anxiety. The repetition paired with structured creativity creates a perfect de-stressing activity, and just about anybody can benefit from it. Even just taking a few minutes to work on a coloring page has been shown to improve moods. 

The only thing that could be better is a coloring book paired with inspirational sayings. Pick up a coloring book and pack of Crayons or colored pencils to show a friend or colleague that you’re thinking of them. A coloring page can be a welcomed reset during a stressful day.

2. Gold Foil Notepad 

Stationary is a love language, so we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong with a chic gold foil notepad. It’s perfect for taking messages, writing quick ideas and sending a note to a colleague or friend. Grab a few different designs and a sleek pen to make a bundle that’s sure to brighten just about any day.

3. Morgan Harper Nichols Affirmation Card Set

Sometimes we need a few words of wisdom to lift us up, and nobody is better at that than Morgan Harper Nichols, who’s become famous for her beautiful illustrations and inspirational phrases.

The artist’s set of cards provides a new affirmation for every week, making them a great journal prompt or just a helpful reminder. The set draws on stories from fans of Nichols’ work. In 2017, she invited her followers to share anonymously through her website, and the result is a deck of cards that are sure to inspire anybody who needs it.

4. WFH Self Care Kit 

The past year working from home has been a difficult experience for many, but a self-care kit can make it easier, especially on days when we’re particularly stressed. Show the person who makes it all look easy that you’ve been thinking of them with a kit that includes all the necessities: hair ties, a phone stand, ear plugs, and a desk yoga guide. Even if they're regular remote worker, working from home can become tedious and stressful. They deserve a little treat too.

5. Calming Pillow Spray 

Giving the gift of a good night’s sleep is among the best. Rest helps our health, productivity and emotions, so a sleep-centric gift is particularly thoughtful. A calming pillow spray is a great addition to any nighttime routine. Soothing scents like lavender and chamomile invite tranquility and a restful slumber.

6. Potted Plant

Did you know that being around plants can reduce stress? It’s true! One study found that office workers who kept plants at their desk reported being less stressed at work. Researchers believe keeping foliage in high stress areas can be a “restorative distraction.” 

A succulent, small palm, or ficus can be the perfect addition to any desk or workspace. They also make for terrific gifts. Snake plants are easy to take care of while some plants, like bamboo, are thought to invite wealth into a person’s life. Get creative with this one! There are so many options at all price points.

7. Gratitude Journal

A gratitude practice can have profound benefits, from getting a more restful night’s sleep to improving your mood and improving your overall mental health. Lots of research has found that overall that implementing a ritual into your daily routine is one of the most effective and practical ways to improve your life.

It’s even easier with a guided journal, complete with prompts for an entire year (plus, a minimal and polished design looks great on any night stand or desk). It’s a win-win gift that helps you show your gratitude and the recipient practice a habit that is good for them.

8. Cozy Candle

The greatest thing about receiving a candle as a gift is that they’re good on all occasions or no occasion at all. You can never have too many candles. 

Even better, is that you can tailor  them to your recipient. Quirky branding or an unusual scent combination make for a great gift that feels personal.

9. Planner Stickers

A useful gift is among the best! Especially for those people in your life who thrive on productivity. For the uber-organized and punctual person, try a book of stickers for their planner. There’s no shortage of ways to use them, and anybody who color-codes their daily activities knows how exciting a new planner tool can be.
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