Beautiful Gifts for Your Fancy Friend

Two fancy notebooks sits on a desk with elegant accessories around them.

We all have that one friend who always looks so stylish and put together, knows which wine pairs well with what cheese, and has a beautifully decorated apartment to boot. 

So how do we choose the perfect gift for the fancy and sophisticated friend in our life? 

It can be a little intimidating shopping for our fancy friends. After all, they have exquisite taste and a great eye for detail—you just know that a regular old coffee mug or gift card won’t do. And another challenge? You want to be able to get something nice without breaking the bank. 

So if you’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift for your fancy friend, don’t fret. We’ve rounded up our favorite gifts that would satisfy even the most discerning eye.

And an added bonus: all of these gifts are under $100. You’ll look as if you splurged, without actually putting yourself out.  

And these gifts are so lovely, no one would blame you if you gifted one for yourself. :)

What to consider when looking for a gift

When it comes to gift giving, no one ever wants to give a gift that will be left unused or shoved in the back of the closet. Ideally, it will be something that your recipient will love and cherish forever.  

Here are some things to consider when you’re picking out a gift.

Practical use. Ask yourself if this item is something that your friend would actually use. Fancy gold jewelry may look nice and all, but if your friend isn’t really a jewelry person then it’s really not worth the purchase. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift, it’s less about the monetary value or “wow” factor but more about its practicality. Could you see your friend using it regularly? Is this something that they need?

What does your friend like? It’s always a good idea to try to find a gift that aligns with your friend’s taste or lifestyle. An expensive bottle of champagne or tin of caviar will go wasted on a friend who’s not a big foodie or wine person. If you’re having a hard time nailing down their style or taste, then take a look at their hobbies or interests. Are they outdoorsy? Are they into art and culture? Do they enjoy reading and writing? If you can tap into their interests, you’re halfway there to finding a gift that is both useful and meaningful. 

As for what makes a gift feel “fancy” or tasteful, it’s less about the price tag and more about how it was made. When you’re researching your gift, look out for descriptions that mention the craftsmanship, the quality of materials, or attention to detail. 

Here are our favorite gifts for the fancy friend in your life. 

For the fancy friend who loves to write

An elegant fountain pen.

It’s always nice to find a gift that’s an elevated take on what the recipient already owns. A nice pen is one of those gifts that feel so fancy and special, but one you’d never think to buy for yourself. 

This Lamy LX Metallic Fountain Pen is a thoughtful choice for a gift. It’s elegant, well-made, and comfortable to hold. Made in Germany, Lamy is a trusted brand that’s known for its craftsmanship and quality–so even your most selective friends will definitely approve. And don’t worry about the fountain pen being too precious to use—the pen uses a fine steel nib which is great for everyday writing. 

For the friend who loves to brainstorm

A beautifully made notebook.

If your friend loves all things analog or writing down their ideas by hand, they’ll appreciate having a beautifully made notebook by their side.  

The Kunisawa Executive Notebook is made with high-quality, creamy paper that will make writing-by-hand feel that much more luxurious and special. And with its beautifully designed, elegant cover, your friend will feel so confident bringing it along to business meetings or proudly displaying it on their desk.

For the friend who likes to make their meals feel special

Taper candle holders.

These glass taper candle holders are so chic and pretty, and they look much more expensive than they are. They would look so lovely around the dinner table, and make mealtimes feel so special. They would also add a soothing element to a self-care routine or look great displayed on a bookshelf. You really can’t go wrong with these! 

For the friend who loves their coffee to go

Well-designed travel mug.

The Carter Everywhere Mug is the perfect gift for the coffee aficionado who is always on the move. Whether it’s taking their coffee from meeting to meeting or out on their daily walks, this travel tumbler is comfortable to hold and will keep their coffee hot and tasty. Plus, it comes in lots of cute colors, so it’s a great gift for the friend who has an eye for design.

For the friend who deserves to pamper themselves

Self-care essentials.

Self-care is good for the soul. Give your friend the luxury of taking some time to take care of themselves with a soothing box of tea or an aroma therapy candle

You can also pair it with this beautifully made gratitude journal so that they can record all the good things going on in their lives. With its soft, pretty cover that feels so luxurious to touch, it’s a journal that they’ll want to keep displayed on their night stand. 

For the fancy friend who could use some cheer

Colorful flowers.

Who doesn’t love beautiful flowers? Your friend will be overjoyed at receiving such a beautiful bouquet, and it will brighten up their space and their mood every time they see it. 

Still not sure what to get? You can’t go wrong with a handwritten card that’s written from the heart. Because at the end of the day, it’s your friendship that means the most to your recipient, and they will be so touched by your thoughtful gesture.
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