Best Gifts for Small Teams

A small team of people work around a kitchen table with laptops and notebooks

Your small but mighty team works hard all year.

Show them how much you care with a thoughtful and memorable gift. 

Whether it’s to celebrate the holiday season or a company milestone, you’ll want to find a gift that expresses your gratitude for your team’s incredible efforts. 

Gift giving for a small team comes with its own unique challenges. You want to find a gift that the whole team will love. But at the same time, you want your gift to be thoughtful and personalized. 

Here are some guidelines to help make the gift giving process a little easier. Keep these in mind and you’ll definitely find the perfect gift for your small team. 

  • Elevated. A nice gift doesn’t have to be super expensive. You can make your gift stand out by treating your team to an elevated version of something they already own. Maybe it’s swapping a drugstore pen for a sophisticated fountain pen. Or upgrading their spiral notebook for a beautifully designed one. 
  • Useful. You can’t go wrong with a gift that is practical. What does your team use on a daily basis? What’s something that would make their life easier? Or brighten their day? 
  • Personalized. We’ve all received the standard corporate tote bag or coffee mug. If you don’t want your gift to end up in the back of their closet, then make sure to choose a gift that is personal and from the heart. A coffee mug with a company logo is impersonal, but a coffee mug with a customized team photo shows thought and care.

The Executive Notebook

Everyone has a notebook but not everyone has a notebook designed by Kunisawa, a Tokyo based printing company that is practically synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship. 

The Executive Notebook has an elegant blue cover and the softest paper that makes writing in it feel like a dream. It features subtle dot grid pages, so handwriting will look tidy and organized. And with its A4 size, your recipient will have plenty of space to write down notes, brainstorms, business goals, and key results. 

The semi-flex hardcover means that it will hold up during work commutes and easily be transported in their bag. And let’s not overlook the metallic gilt edge foiling. It’s the attention to detail that makes the Executive Notebook so special. And, in turn, your team members will feel so special for receiving it. 

Monogrammable Overnight Bag

Instead of gifting your team with another corporate tote bag, why not go the extra mile and give them a custom overnight bag? This classic bag will make business travel a lot easier (and stylish). Whether it’s an overnight business trip or a weekend getaway, your recipients will get a lot of use out of it. And by monogramming the overnight bag with your recipient’s initials, your gift will be that much more special. 

Custom Rain Jacket

No one likes heading to the office when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Take the stress out of work commutes by gifting your team with a sturdy and stylish rain jacket. Plus, it’s so cute that they’ll gladly wear this during after-work hours. 

This would make a thoughtful gift for production crew members, event coordinators, Parks and Rec staff, or anyone who spends a lot of time working outdoors. Customize the jacket with a company logo or choose your company’s colors. 

One-on-One Spiral Notepad in Gemstone

Do your team members usually show up to their meetings with scratch paper? Treat them to a one-on-one spiral notepad with an eye-catching cover.

The one-on-one notepad will make note-taking easier and much more productive. It features a section for topics and discussion points so you and your team members can establish the agenda beforehand, resulting in a meeting in which you are both fully engaged and invested. 

There’s also a section to record next steps and deliverables, which ensures that your meeting will produce action and results. 

Not only is this notebook highly practical, but the luminescent gemstone cover means your team members will be proudly flaunting their notebook throughout the work day. 

The one-on-one notepad is also available in the limited French pastel series.  

Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen

Give your team members a much-needed digital reprieve with a classic fountain pen.

While a fountain pen conjures images of wood paneled libraries and inkwells, the Pilot Explorer fountain pen is modern, unpretentious, and easy to write with. It’s a great fountain pen for both new users and lifelong scribes. 

Don’t be surprised when your team members start adding their signatures to everything once they have this pen in their possession.

Spoonful of Comfort Thank You Care Package 

This isn’t your typical gift basket. A care package from a Spoonful of Comfort feels like a homemade meal. Your hardworking team members will be treated to a gift basket filled with comforting foods and snacks. 

The “Thank You” care package includes delicious and hearty soup, yummy rolls, and a half dozen cookies that will satisfy their sweet tooth. And it comes with a shiny ladle that they’ll use forever. 

This cozy gift would add cheer and sunshine to the winter holiday season and brighten your recipient’s day. 

Dashboard Spiral Deskpad

Your small team is busy managing deadlines, juggling projects, and overseeing all the important details. Help them keep everything in order with a Dashboard Spiral Deskpad.

The Dashboard Deskpad has a section to identify your top 3 priorities so your team will always know where to exert their efforts. It also features 6 Focus Areas to help them keep their various projects and clients organized. With its at-a-glance layout, they can see all their different work streams lined up and in one central place. 

And thanks to the spiral feature, it’s super easy to flip back to previous weeks and review their progress. 

Quarterly Planner

Make quarterly planning a lot more enjoyable with our Ink+Volt 3-month planner. 

Your team can set their quarterly goals and key results, and measure their progress over the course of three months. The planner includes monthly undated calendars and weekly pages so they can map out their big goals every month, week, and day. 

There’s also a section for reflection and accomplishments. Your team will be able to assess their work and feel confident as they move forward. 

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