The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Best Moms

A bouquet of pink roses sits on a table next to a cup of coffee and a sage green envelope.

At the end of the day, moms are always there for us.

Even if your mom doesn’t live nearby, she’s usually just a call or text away with a shoulder to cry on or the solid advice you needed to hear. Moms just seem to have a superpower for knowing what to say or do.

Showing gratitude for your mom is important to do all year round, but on Mother’s Day, it’s a special opportunity to show her how much you appreciate her. But there are so many options!

So how do you say thank you this Mother’s Day? Think about who your mom is, what she likes to do, where she feels most comfortable, and pick out something that reflects her lifestyle.

Chances are your mom will love just about anything you get her (just another wonderful thing about moms!), but try for something unique or something she wouldn’t normally get herself. The best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones that feel like a special treat, that reflect just how much you care.

Here are some of our top picks for the best Mother’s Day gifts this year.

Marble Serving Board

Nobody hosts like mom does, right? She’ll love a marble serving board for gatherings of all kinds, from meats and cheeses to a fondue spread. This is the gift for the mom who loves to entertain and do it the most stylish way.

The Perfect Weekender Bag

Wherever she’s heading this weekend, your mom needs a stylish weekender bag, one that fits all the essentials and travels easily. Whether that weekend trip is a couple of hours or a couple layovers away, this Forestbound Escape bag will go the distance. 

A Book About Her 

Tell your mom what makes her so great. Is it her smile? Her kindness? Her silly jokes? The “What I Love About Mom” journal is the perfect way to tell her all the reasons why she’s the best mom. The best part about the journal is that the prompts make it super easy to be personal and let all the content come from the heart.

Weighted Sleep Mask 

Just like a weighted blanket, a weighted sleep mask can be the key to a great night’s sleep. The mask from Gravity Blankets distributes about a pound of weight and is made with micro-plush and luxurious imitation cashmere. What better way to repay mom for all those sleepless nights when you were small?

A Yummy Chocolate Cookbook 

Chocolate is always a good idea. Chocolate tarts. Chocolate sauces. Chocolate cakes. There’s a chocolate recipe in “Cocoa: An Exploration of Chocolate, With Recipes” by Sue Quinn that will be sure to satisfy any craving. A gift as sweet as your mom.

Gratitude Journal 

Implementing a daily gratitude practice can be beneficial for mental health. And moms need a little help getting there sometimes. Thankfully a daily practice is made even simpler with the Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal. There are 60 blank daily entries and 10 weekly challenges in the journal, so this gift will last well into the future. 

A Canvas for the Now

Some gifts are just good for the soul, like the Buddha Board, which is essentially a magical canvas. Paint on the board with water and watch your creation come to life. As soon as the water begins to evaporate, the drawing disappears. The concept is based on living in the moment, and really, who couldn’t use more of that?

Comfy Pajamas 

A day in pajamas is a day well spent! Sometimes moms just need a day to relax, and the perfect pair of soft (but ever-trendy) pajamas make it even better. Whether it’s a day of at-home spa treatments or cuddling up on the couch for a Netflix binge, this J. Crew short sleeve pajama set is just what mom needs.

Personalized Recipe Plate 

The recipes that have been passed down for generations are always among our favorites. They remind us of places that feel like home, of people we love, and of memories that are dear. These recipes are probably handwritten by your mom or her mom, tucked away in an overloaded notebook somewhere. An even better place for a favorite family recipe would be on a personalized plate that showcases the handwritten recipe. It’s perfect for displaying and serving.

Magazine Subscription 

Even with so many options to read digitally, there’s still something relaxing and indulgent about flipping the pages of a glossy magazine. Maybe it’s the photos or the layout or the perfume samples, but it’s always an experience that’s easy to enjoy. Get your mom an annual subscription to her favorite magazine. It’s a gift that lasts a full year.

A Cork Yoga Mat 

This gift is for the mom who enjoys a good workout or meditation session. Some yoga mats can get slippery and gross during an intense class, but not the cork mats from Yoloha. The cork actually makes them slip-resistant and easy to clean (they’re naturally antimicrobial). Plus, they come in a bunch of fun designs. These mats are lightweight and easy to take to the studio, or even on an adventure to the mountains or the beach. 

Minimal Jewelry Stand 

Chances are you’ve probably gifted your mom jewelry over the years. This time, give her a pretty place to put all of those charm bracelets and necklaces. The Juliette Jewelry Stand stands out on a dresser or bathroom countertop, wherever she keeps her accessories. 

Lightwell Room Sprays 

Is there anything better than walking into a room that smells fresh and clean? It’s a hard feeling to top! Giftig the moms in your life these Lightwell Room Sprays — which come in cashmere fig, teak, and rosemary mint —  will fill her with that refreshing, big-exhale feeling.
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