Cozy Gifts That Provide Comfort All Year Round

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If you’re looking to find a meaningful gift for friends or loved ones, you can’t go wrong with a cozy gift.

Cozy gifts are perfect for homebodies, new parents, or anyone who’s looking to treat themselves to some TLC. Fall and winter are the perfect time for cozy gift giving since Mother Nature is practically telling us to stay indoors and hibernate. But, honestly, you don’t ever need an excuse to curl up on the couch and enjoy some quiet time at home. Any time of year is a good time to retreat indoors and relax.  

See our recommendations below for gifts that are both cozy and thoughtful. These items are so comforting, you might even decide to get a cozy gift for yourself. 

Guidelines for a cozy gift

A cozy gift brings to mind softness, comfort, and a sense of peace and calm.  Here are some other things to look out for when searching for the perfect cozy gift.

A cozy gift is soft…

There’s nothing better than staying in on a cold winter’s night and wrapping yourself in a soft, warm blanket. So when it comes to cozy gifts, you can’t go wrong with textures and fabrics that are plush and inviting. Fleece pajamas or sherpa lined blankets or stretchy pants all bring to mind cozy. 

A cozy gift is warm…

Save the bright, fluorescent lights for another time. When it comes to turning your home into a haven, it’s all about soft, warm lighting. Scented candles or tapered candles or a small table lamp would create the perfect lighting for a cozy environment. 

A cozy gift reminds you of nature…

There’s a reason why a cabin in the woods or a cottage by the sea evokes coziness and calm. Not all of us can hide away in a cabin of our own,  but you can certainly try to recreate the environment at home. Plaid and gingham fabrics give a cozy, cottage vibe. Woodsy, organic elements add a comforting touch. And soothing colors like white and blue and light green remind us of being by the sea.

A cozy gift is soothing…

Anything that soothes the senses is the ultimate cozy gift. Relaxing scents like eucalyptus or lavender, or gentle lotions or cleansers, are just some of the soothing self-care elements that can make a person feel so pampered and forget about the outside world. 

A cozy gift helps you slow down…

A cozy gift helps turn the recipient’s home into a sanctuary. And In this fast paced, device driven world, there is something refreshing about old school tools like pretty journals, notebooks, and colorful pens. These gifts can help slowdown time and invite introspection and mindfulness. 

Here’s a round up of some soothing, cozy gifts

Mantra journal. If your recipient loves inspirational quotes or journaling or is looking to have a more calming morning routine, our Ink+Volt Mantra Journal would be perfect. Inside are 36 quotes to help inspire reflection and motivation as they look to develop their goals, creativity, and well-being. 

Soft slippers or shoes. Give your recipient the gift of soft, cushy feet. I was given these Crocs with fuzzy liner as a gift and they were such a life changer. They are so comfy that your recipient will never want to take them off. They come in an assortment of colors, and the white pair in particular has a Scandinavian, minimalist look that hygge fans will love. 

Pretty mug. Help make their coffee break feel more special with this Garden Tile Mug. It’s pretty design would elevate any coffee or tea break, but it’s not so precious that your recipient wouldn’t use it all the time. It would also add a touch of comfort to an office setting. 

Electric kettle. There’s nothing like a cup of hot tea or coffee to turn a rainy or dreary day into a relaxing one. An electric kettle would allow your recipient to make their tea at home or in the office, without the disruption of a loud, shrill whistle. And this electric kettle comes in a pretty sage color that will make your recipient feel like they’re vacationing in the British countryside.

Table lamp with soft lighting. When you’re trying to feel cozy, you don’t want harsh, bright lighting. Opt for small table lamps that give off a warm glow. This lamp would make a living room or bedroom feel magical and peaceful, especially when you’re trying to relax before bed. 

Wood cheeseboard. An assortment of cheese would make the perfect accompaniment to any cozy day inside. Plus, a wooden board adds a warm decorative touch. 

Face cleanser. Self-care doesn’t require long bubble baths and expensive spa treatments.. Sometimes, a simple thing like caring for your skin before bed is a comforting self-care act. This gentle face cleanser would incorporate self-care to an evening wind down routine and make it that much easier to relax before bed time. 

Fleece blanket. A soft, fleece blanket is perfect for staying warm and curling up on the couch for reading, movie nights, or journaling. 

Cute throw pillow. This plaid throw pillow would add a cozy, cottage vibe to any space. 

Personalized tchotchke. Tchotchkes can bring to mind cluttered homes, but hear me out! A handful of tchotchkes can bring personality and warmth to a room, evoking wonderful memories or connections to a place or person.  These adorable lighthouse figurines are wonderful reminders of a  seaside getaway. Or this snowglobe would transport one to a winter wonderland. 

Gratitude journal. Expressing gratitude is good for the soul and our health. The Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal would make such a thoughtful gift and the cover is so pretty that it can be proudly displayed on a bedside table. Your recipient can use this Gratitude Journal to document all the people, places, and small gifts that they are grateful for. Plus, it contains weekly challenges to help expand their gratitude practice. It can be used as part of a morning routine for a positive start to their day, or during an evening routine, to help destress, unwind, and express appreciation for the day.

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