Get Your Life in Order With a File Organizer

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The file organizer is a humble but mighty tool that can turn your life around.

No one likes paper clutter. But when you work in an office or from home, paper just seems to accumulate overnight. Invoices. Contracts. Bank Statements. Reports. You name it. Your desk is no longer a space that inspires, but a catch-all for paper clutter. You need a file organizer to manage it all—and reclaim your desk space.

A file organizer is one of those tools that you never think to buy for yourself, but makes your life so much easier.

These are just some of the reasons you need a file organizer to help you stay organized (and sane!). 

Keep clutter at bay. When paper has nowhere to go, it turns into clutter. Use a file organizer to give your documents a home and to manage your paper clutter once and for all.

Travel with ease. If you travel for work, then it’s likely that you’re also traveling with reports and documents to read and study. Instead of rummaging through your bag to find your work, keep everything together with a file organizer. 

Attend back-to-back meetings like a pro. Running from meeting to meeting can leave you feeling harried and disorganized. A file organizer lets you keep essential documents by your side so that you can concentrate on the meeting at hand. 

Secure important documents. Whether it’s travel forms or tax documents, you need a way to protect sensitive information. A file organizer keeps your paperwork safe and secure while also holding them in one central place. 

How to stay tidy and productive with a file organizer 

Below are some tips on how to maintain a tidy and clutter-free workspace. You’ll learn how to manage your office and paper clutter, so that you’ll have more time and energy to be productive

Make sure your office supplies have a home. When you’re not sure where to put something, then you’re more likely to leave it on your desk. And when you leave stuff on your desk, it can quickly turn into clutter. So designate a space for your office tools and paperwork. Use a stackable organizer to store your office supplies. Use a catch-all tray for miscellaneous items like paper clips and washi tape. Use a file organizer to hold your documents that require your review or action. 

Do a quick tidy at the end of the day. To prevent clutter from getting out of control, make sure to tidy your desk regularly. You can do this at the end of the day before you close up shop. Put your office supplies away, organize your documents, and arrange your notebooks neatly. 

Declutter regularly. Try to declutter throughout the month. This means shredding documents with sensitive information, recycling paperwork, and filing away essential documents in your file organizer. Schedule your decluttering sessions and put it in your calendar so that you’re more likely to do it. 

Organize your documents into categories. In order to tackle paper clutter, you need a system to help you stay organized. First, create categories for your paperwork. Think about the types of paperwork you tend to receive or accumulate. Example: admin, reports, memos, meeting notes, etc. Next, create labels for these categories. Then, put away your documents into their respective folders. 

Have a paper tray for pending documents. Sometimes you’re not ready to put away a piece of paperwork just yet. Maybe it’s a contract you need to sign. Or a memo you need to review. For these pending documents, use a paper tray to keep them organized. A paper tray keeps your paperwork slightly out of sight, but not out of mind. 

Use a cork board for visual reminders. Maybe it’s an inspirational mantra. Or your favorite quote. Or a post-it with important work deadlines. These pieces of paperwork are important for your creativity and productivity, but you don’t want them to take over your entire workspace. The solution? A corkboard. Hang a cork board over your desk so you can keep your eye on what’s important and inspiring, while also having enough room to actually work in. 

Our favorite paper and file organizers to help you manage your paperwork

These paper and file organizers will make your personal and professional life so much easier. 

The Sand It Expandable Document Holder. Whether you’re meeting with a client or an accountant or a mentor, you need a way to keep your meeting notes and important documents together. Enter the Sand It Expandable Document Holder. This organizer from Japan has three interior sections for your notes, scrap paper, forms, and more. And you can easily tuck in your favorite notepad as well.  

A5 Clear File. Uh oh you’re traveling but you can’t seem to locate your passport or ticket stubs. The A5 Clear File is here to ensure you never misplace an important document again. With its transparent front cover, you can easily glance at what’s inside and locate exactly what you need. It also has enough space for a notepad or notebook, making it perfect for bringing along to meetings and business trips. 

MagFlap Clipboard. A clipboard is perfect for presentations, meetings, events, and whenever you need to quickly refer to your notes. And the MagFlap clipboard, in particular, will keep your sheets flat and prevent them from wrinkling. Plus, it’s a German design winner so the MagFlap is functional and stylish. 

Kokuyo Clear Folder With Security View . This file folder has a unique pattern on its front cover that hides the contents tucked inside. This would be a great way to securely carry your tax forms, bank statements, and other documents with personal information. 

Paper tray. A stackable paper tray lets you manage incoming and outgoing documents while maximizing your desk space. 

Cute filing cabinet. Most filing cabinets are more functional than cute. But this one is a stylish organizer for your documents and hanging file folders. You can also add decorative touches by placing framed photos or cute objects on top.

Written by JiJi Lee

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