Need a Going Away Gift for a Coworker? Here are 12 Great Ideas

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What would we do without our favorite coworkers?

Whether it’s forwarding a funny meme to a colleague or commiserating about work deadlines or venting about the state of the world, our coworkers have helped make the work days feel less, well, like work. And in a year where everything has been topsy-turvy and overwhelming, our coworkers have often served as a life raft or a virtual shoulder to cry on. 

So if a beloved coworker is leaving for a new company or department, you’ll want to show them just how much you appreciate them.

Finding the perfect gift is hard enough. But a gift for a coworker has its own added challenges. You want the gift to be special and meaningful, but you also want to keep it fairly professional.

Below, we’ve put together gift ideas that any coworker would love. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the coworker who’s transferring or the manager who’s retiring or the intern who’s heading back to school, we’ve got just the thing that will brighten their day.

How to find the perfect going away gift for coworkers

When it comes to gift giving for coworkers, you want to hit the sweet spot of meaningful but practical. So does your coworker really need another coffee mug or Starbucks gift card? Well, if the mug is a nicer take on their everyday mug and if they really do like Starbucks, then go for it. 

Here are other things to consider when selecting your gift:

  • Is your coworker retiring? Now that they’re no longer beholden to schedules and deadlines, your coworker finally has the time to take up a hobby or tap into their creativity. Look for creative, relaxing gifts like a watercolor set or a journal. 
  • Is your coworker transferring to a different department? Opt for a gift that will help them ease into their new role with confidence. Think elevated upgrades on everyday office items like a beautiful notebook or a beautiful fountain pen. 
  • Is your coworker relocating to a new city? Think of a gift that will make them feel welcomed in their new surroundings, like a gift membership to a museum or a neighborhood walking tour. Or if your coworker is already feeling homesick, a framed photo of the old team would be a nice, comforting touch. 
  • Is your coworker going back to school? Give them a gift that will help them crush the academic year. You can’t go wrong with nice upgrades on everyday supplies like a set of notebooks or elegant pens or a yearly planner. 

Ready to start shopping? Here are 12 suggestions for thoughtful going away gifts for coworkers. Think about what 

  1. Gratitude journal. Gratitude is known to boost your mood and lower stress levels. This gratitude journal is perfect for the coworker who loves to appreciate the little things or the coworker who could really use a moment to relax and take a deep breath. Plus, the leather cover would make a lovely display on a night stand or workspace.
  2. Le Creuset Mug. Your coworker’s coffee break will get a major upgrade with this elegant stoneware mug. Le Creuset is synonymous with high quality so your coworker will feel so special every time they use this. Plus, the mugs are all dishwasher friendly, so it’s a stylish gift while also being practical. 
  3. Coffee Subscription. Help your coworker actually look forward to Monday mornings with a coffee gift subscription. This would make a nice parting gift for the coworker who’s retiring and finally has the time to ease into their mornings. Or it would be ideal for the coworker who’s going on parental leave and could use a much-needed caffeine jolt. 
  4. Magazine or Newspaper Gift Subscription. For the person who’s ideal afternoon consists of curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and the Sunday Paper. A subscription to their favorite magazine or newspaper means your coworker never has to worry about hitting their article paywall and that, in and of itself, makes this the perfect gift.
  5. Today Organizer Planner. If your coworker loves to-do lists, then they will fall in love with this softcover bound version of our bestselling Today Organizer Pad. This at-a-glance notepad features hourly time blocks to help them stay on top of their schedule. It also includes a task checklist and a “tomorrow” section to help them organize their priorities and stay on top of future tasks. This gift would be appreciated by a college intern who’s going back to school, a coworker who wants to upgrade their work-from-home situation, or the person who loves organizing and listens to productivity podcasts. 
  6. Scratch-off greeting cards. When you can’t give a coworker a full-on going away party, you can still celebrate the occasion in a fun and creative way. Here’s what you do: write down a message on one of these nifty cards and then cover it up with the scratch-off sticker (included!). To read the message, your coworker scratches off the card like a lottery ticket and reads your surprise note. Have your teammates write nice things about your coworker and then mail the cards. Your coworker will be so touched when they read all the heartwarming messages. 
  7. Deco Card Set. Bosses and managers are so hard to shop for. You want to get them something classy and stylish but, let’s face it, you also don’t want to break the bank. You can’t go wrong with a handwritten letter on a beautiful card. With a scalloped edge and textured cardstock, these thank you cards are a gorgeous and elegant stationery upgrade.
  8. Ink+Volt Undated Planner. This is a special gift for the coworker who loves color-coding their calendar or crossing off things on their checklist or planning their goals. They will love the monthly and weekly exercises of defining their goals and making them happen with this 6-month undated planner. Plus, the planner takes a holistic view of your life so that you don’t fixate on just output and productivity. The weekly journal prompts will help them pause and reflect on their work and progress so far, as well as nurture their spirit and well-being. 
  9. Ink+Volt Ultimate Organization Suite. This set is ideal for the coworker working remotely and wants to make their home office space more professional. They can manage big projects and goals, stay on top of key benchmarks, and prioritize their daily tasks. The 5-piece set includes some of our most popular products: 
  10. Milk frother. With over 9,000 positive reviews, this Miroco milk frother is sure to please. Not only is it affordable and functional, but it’s stylish enough to display on the kitchen counter. This gift would be welcomed by coworkers who are retiring or going on parental leave or any colleague who wants to step up their at-home latte.
  11. An inspiring book. Celebrate your coworker’s last day by giving them a book that will make a deep and lasting impact. Michelle Obama’s Becoming or Shoe Dog, a memoir by Nike founder Phil Knight, would make a coworker feel encouraged and inspired as they move on to the next stage of their career. Bonus points if it is a book you read and have a favorite quote or lesson from that you can share in a thoughtful card.
  12. Pilot Metropolitan Pen. This is an elegant way to bid farewell to a manager or the coworker who’s getting promoted or the coworker who’s heading off to grad school. Include a handwritten note for a heartwarming and memorable touch.
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