Happy New Year! (and there is homework inside this post)

Happy New Year! (and there is homework inside this post)

Hello there Superstar!

How is your New Year so far?

Did you get a chance to complete your yearly theme and goals? (if not you can go to this update to download the templates and get started – it isn’t too late!)

One of the big parts of succeeding in the future is learning from your past. On NYE I put together quick video with 5 important questions to think about as you usher in the new year (of course, I meant to send this on NYE but time escaped me so I am sending it now – better late than never right?).

I hope you enjoy the video!

Do you have other questions you like to ask yourself each New Year? If you do, leave them in the comments. I always learn so much from you guys!

Action Items For You

    • Do your yearly planning. And if you are up for it, I would love to hear your yearly theme! Leave it in the comments or share it with me on social. Which brings me to my next thing…


  • Connect with me! I have really enjoyed the whole creator experience and getting to connect with the community around the Spark Notebook. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’d love to connect with you!
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