How To Get A Fresh Start For 2023

How To Get A Fresh Start For 2023

The new year is the perfect time for a fresh start.

Maybe 2022 was a rough year for you and you’re ready to move on. Or maybe it was your best year yet and you’re eager to build on that success. Regardless of how your year turned out, it is within your power to make 2023 an even better one.

The actions that you take today can help shape the rest of your year. Whether it’s getting rid of things that no longer support you, or finding ways to invest in yourself, there are practical steps you can take to give yourself a fresh start.

Keep reading below for ideas on how to start 2023 on a clean slate and design the future you want. 

Reflect on the past year and define your ideal year

First and foremost, you’ll want to do some reflection on the previous year.

Ask yourself:

  • What went well?
  • What challenges did you face?
  • What lessons did you learn? 

If we’re not reflecting, then we’re not really absorbing the lessons and experiences of our lives.

It is through regular introspection that we can better understand our desires and how our life is going. So it’s important not to skip this step. You can refer to our Ink+Volt guide here to help you look back on the past year.

After doing your reflection exercise, you will have a better idea of how you would like 2023 to unfold. You can take some time to journal about what you would like to achieve, experience, and learn. 

Ask yourself: What would make this year a great one? What are things you’ve always wanted to try or accomplish? 

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your career or in your life in general, then getting crystal clear on your ideal year is a great way to create momentum and shift your life into a new and exciting direction. 

Get rid of little headaches 

What is a small thing that has been weighing you down? 

Sometimes it’s the mundane, trivial things that create the most stress. The sight of junk mail in the entryway. Messy food stains in a microwave. Ransacking your closet looking for a clean pair of pants. And the annoying part? We put up with these little headaches for weeks, months, and even years instead of just taking some time out of our day to resolve them. 

So get a fresh start for the year by committing to tackling one small irritation a week. It will make your life so much easier.

Here’s how: Make a list of the little things that are big stressors. Dedicate 15 minutes a week to taking care of one item. For example:

  • Replace the flickering lightbulb in the hallway
  • Clean out your work bag
  • Wipe your computer monitor
  • Get new batteries for the TV remote
  • Buy a fresh supply of socks
  • Organize your work clothes to make it easier to get dressed in the morning
  • Put away your seasonal clothes to make room in your closet
  • Toss out expired food from the fridge

By tackling this list on a regular basis, you will remove the things in your life that are not supporting you.

For added motivation, make sure to give yourself a small treat after accomplishing a task. Celebrate the win - taking care of small things can actually be a huge accomplishment!

Incorporate good habits 

The small steps we take every day can influence our success in the long term.

What are some habits that you can develop to help you become more productive, organized, or happy?

Maybe it’s going to bed by a certain hour so that you can feel more refreshed the next day. Or having a self-care routine to help you avoid burnout. Or creating a gratitude list in the morning to have a positive start to the day.

You can keep track of your new habit in your planner–this way you’ll be more motivated to stick with it.

Set up your workspace for success

Does your workspace help you work? Or does it stress you out? 

Clutter takes up physical and mental space. When we see piles of paperwork or tangled computer chargers, it makes it that much harder to concentrate. 

When we have a clean, tidy space, our mind also feels calm and organized. So use the new year to give your workspace a fresh start. 

  • Declutter. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or at home, you’re bound to have paper clutter. If you work at home, it’s worth investing in a paper shredder so that you can keep paper clutter at bay. Shred documents that have personal information on them, like bank or credit card statements. Recycle catalogs and junk mail. Keep your essential documents organized in a folder or paper tray. 
  • Stay organized. You’ll want to have your essential office items nearby so that you’re not ransacking your desk in search of them. For example, keep your pens, notebook, and planner in an accessible location. Use a desk organizer to wrangle paper clips, rubber bands, and other small items. 

Invest in yourself 

What better way to give yourself a fresh start than to invest in yourself?

You can invest in yourself in lots of different ways. Maybe it’s taking a class so that you can learn new skills and advance in your career. Or attending a networking event to meet new people in your industry. Or traveling to a new city to gain new experiences. 

By investing in your career, well-being, and/or dream goals, you are guaranteed to end the year feeling fulfilled and confident. 

Refresh your tools 

Another great way to invest in yourself is to have the right tools on hand to help you succeed.

Office tools help us do our work with professionalism and efficiency. It’s hard to do an impressive job when we’re constantly searching for a pen. Or rummaging through our desk for a key document. 

So take a look at your current office supplies and make sure you have the essentials. Stock up on fresh pens and professional notebooks. Additionally, take a look at your software and make sure you have the digital tools you need to do your job well. 

By taking these small but powerful steps, you can give yourself a fresh start for 2023 and create an incredible year.

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