By Emily Morrow

25 Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers That They’ll Actually Love

Our guide to meaningful, affordable holiday gifts under $25 for your team.

Coworkers can be the toughest people to buy gifts for.

But they don’t have to be! No matter how many holiday parties, secret Santas, or white elephant exchanges you’ve committed to this holiday season, let us take the pain out of finding meaningful — and affordable — gifts for your work family. These 25 gifts are all guaranteed to be a hit, *and* they won’t cost you any more than $25.

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1. Sparkly, stylish notepads

Give your coworker a desk accessory upgrade by gifting them a set of fun but professional notepads. We love these Lucky Foil Notepads (which come with clovers, horseshoes, stars, or dice) and these Faceted Foil Notepads (take your pick between a butterfly, hummingbird, crab, and elephant!) for ways to let your coworkers show off their style in a totally functional way they’ll use every single day. 

The paper on these notepads looks great and feels super smooth to write on. And who doesn’t want a little gold shine in their day?

2. A personalized mug for coffee or tea

A cute, personalized mug is the perfect way to show your coworker you care *and* help them combat that dreaded 3 o’clock slump. Rifle Paper Co.’s garden party monogram mugs are pretty, classy, and useful — make the perfect interoffice gift. 

3. Today Organizer Pad

The Ink+Volt Today Organizer Pad is the *perfect* gift for your highly organized, super productive colleagues. This at-a-glance daily notepad will help them maximize their daily productivity by helping them visualize what is most important. The Today Organizer features hourly time blocks to manage your schedule, a task checklist to organize your important to-dos, and a "tomorrow" section for future tasks. And of course it's important to stay hydrated while you're being so productive, which is why this pad includes a water intake tracker too.  

4. Spark Happiness Prompts

This clever set of 50 "matchsticks" are each printed with a prompt, idea, or activity designed to bring a little joy into the day. Some examples of prompts include:

  • Write down one thing you love about 5 different people.
  • Share something you've been saving–a nice bottle of wine, a gift certificate.
  • Start a new tradition with your friends or family. 

This is a great way to affordably give the gift of a new perspective and fresh discoveries to a coworker you care about!

5. Notebook Set

These gorgeous, floral notebooks will be the talk of the cubicles if you gift them in the office. They’re thin and lightweight, so they can be thrown in a bag or left on a desk, and they’re filled with 64 creamy pages, waiting to be filled with meeting notes or important thoughts.

6. A cute, glass water bottle

Hydration is important. And it’s totally a fact that if your water bottle is cute, you’re more likely to drink from it. (Right?) This glass water bottle comes with a bamboo lid and a sleeve available in just about any color so you can pick your coworker’s favorite.

7. A storm cloud desk accessory

Perfect for the office meteorologist, this cute glass cloud is filled with special liquid that crystallizes in different formations depending on the barometric pressure. Plus it brings a little bit of personality to any desk.

8. Doodle Theory Anywhere

This one’s for the coworker who’s always doodling in meetings or while on the phone. Each page comes with a starter squiggle or shape to get the creative juices flowing and get you doodling with direction. This travel-friendly size would be great for airplane or train rides, road trips, and more.

9. An inspirational coloring book

This is something really special. The Ink+Volt Coloring Book is your escape from the everyday into a world of creativity, imagination, and inspiration.

Each page in this book combines an inspiring phrase with an intricate, beautiful illustration to color. The phrases are drawn from our large collection of inspiring "Volts of Wisdom," our favorite quotes and sayings we live by at Ink+Volt. Every page is meant to inspire you to live your best life and do your best work, while helping your mind unwind and your creativity grow — the perfect affordable, inspirational gift.

10. A really nice pen

If you have a coworker who loves to write, the Pilot Metropolitan is a fantastic (and affordable) introduction to fountain pens. If ballpoint pens are more their speed, here are three of our favorites: the Schneider ID (super smooth and easy to write with thanks to its Viscoglide® ink), the Caran d’Ache 849 (it looks and feels expensive, but is actually really affordable!), and the Zebra pens (available in twist, retractable, collapsable, and mini styles).

11. A seasonal scented candle

There's nothing that makes a home office feel cozy and comfortable like a seasonal scented candle. This collection has some great winter scents that will bring the scents of the season to your coworker’s home, like "Spiced Pumpkin", “Spruce”, and "Smoky Cinnamon".

12. Palomino Blackwing pencils

For the artist in the office, these pencils are an absolute must-have. Beloved for decades, the key to this pencil’s cult following is its soft Japanese graphite core, allowing it to write soft and smooth for everything from daily doodles to a finished masterpiece.

13. Small oil diffuser

Help your coworker make their workspace as cozy and comfortable as possible with this small oil diffuser that doubles as a humidifier. Diffusers can help purify the air *and* relieve stress — a one-two punch in a small, affordable package.

14. Quiver pen holder

Give your colleagues the gift of never losing their favorite pens again! The Quiver pen holder can fit up to two pens and has an elastic band that fits around the cover of most standard A5 notebooks, as well as the Apple iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8″ tablet cases for a stylus.

15. Succulent + cute pot

Nothing brightens up a workspace like a plant! Buy a cute pot (like these from Etsy) and fill it with a small succulent — they’re the perfect plants to thrive in a dry, dimly lit office space. Or, if your colleague has a less-than-green thumb, opt for faux foliage. (Trust me, no one will notice!)

16. Koi coloring brush pens

Gift these brush pens and you’ll be giving the office artist or coloring enthusiast a major tool upgrade. The pens are like a small paintbrush, with a nylon nib that’s flexible and allows for strokes of all different thicknesses. This set comes with 12 colors ranging from vibrant to dark hues, and can be layered over one another for different shades and color gradations.

17. Reusable straws or a reusable coffee cup lid

Help your environmentally conscious coworkers reduce their waste with these cute, portable reusable straws that collapse into a tiny carrying case, complete with a cleaning brush. If you’re buying for a coffee lover, consider this reusable coffee cup lid which will fit perfectly over just about any standard sized cup.

18. Planner/calendar stickers

Help your coworkers jazz up their schedules with an assortment of cute and fun stickers that are perfect for their planners or calendars. This set is perfect for someone who’s going back to school, this one has a sticker for everything from hair appointments to a night out, and this one will help you remember all your deadlines! 

19. A cozy blanket

For the coworker who’s always cold! This cozy blanket (complete with cute waffle pattern detailing) makes the perfect thing to bundle up in when the office AC is just a little too cold, or to complement their work chair in their home office.

20. Weekly deskpad

Delight your hyper-organized coworkers (or give your disorganized colleagues some help) with a super stylish weekly deskpad like this or this. These pads have space to scribble in your main goals, focus points, events and plans for the full week ahead. And the beautiful patterns on each of them will encourage your coworkers to not only be purposeful and productive, but also creative and motivated.

21. Calligraphy Made Easy Workbook

For the coworker who is always tasked with writing on the whiteboard because of their great handwriting, help them take their skills to the next level with this fun workbook. The art of hand-lettering can be extremely meditative and rewarding; the process of learning to write calligraphy provides focus and calm, and the results are easy to enjoy!

22. 642 Things to Draw

The perfect little gift for your creative colleagues, 642 Things to Draw offers drawing prompts to get those creative juices flowing. The beautiful thing about this book is there are no right or wrong answers. Each page simply has the prompt and plenty of blank space for sketching, coloring, or painting. Plus, the book is great for all ages and all skill levels, so you can gift this to *any* of your colleagues, not just the design gurus on the team.

23. Local gift card

Hear us out! Don’t just fall into the same old boring trap of an Amazon or Visa gift card — put some thought into it! Is there a local cafe or lunch spot that your coworker loves? Are they always raving about the donuts from down the street? Treating them to their favorite latte or dessert is a sweet way to show you care during the holidays. Plus, you can jazz it up by tucking it inside a thoughtful card like this one

24. An inspiring 2021 calendar

This cute, floral calendar is filled with bright colors and inspiring words to help your coworker feel like their best self every single day. Who doesn't need a calendar? This is a great choice for a coworker who you don't know well, but who you'd like to make smile!

25. Gratitude journal

Did you know that cultivating a consistent gratitude practice is one of the only scientifically proven ways to make you happier? And what better gift is there than happiness?

This beautiful journal has 60 blank daily entries for observations and reflections, plus 10 weekly challenges to help enhance your gratitude practice. Inspirational quotes found throughout the journal will encourage and motivate. The perfect affordable, meaningful gift!