Meaningful Gifts for Homebodies

Meaningful gifts for homebodies including a future listography journal, a notepad, and other cozy gifts.

We all have that homebody friend who loves any excuse to stay in and curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea. 

But now that we’re staying indoors a lot more often these days, even the hibernating types need extra doses of comfort this holiday season. 

And with winter fast approaching, your homebody friend will appreciate a gift that will make their indoor space feel that much more cozy and inviting. 

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the perpetual homebody or the person who needs a reminder on how to self-care, we’ve rounded up meaningful and cozy gifts for people staying at home. 

The items listed below will make staying home this winter a lot easier and relaxing. In fact,  these gifts are so lovely that you might even want one for yourself -- after all, we all deserve some soothing touches in our lives these days.

What makes a meaningful gift for a homebody?

When it comes to finding the right gift for homebodies, it’s all about items that can help create a cozy environment and a calm state of mind. Think soft textures, warm lighting, pleasant scents, and lovely notebooks. 

  • Soft textures. Homebodies love clothes that are soft and stretchy. Try to avoid textures that are scratchy or restrictive, like denim and certain types of wool. Instead, look for sherpa lining, fleece jackets, breathable leggings, flannel pajamas, and buttery socks. These are all textures and fabrics that your friend could spend hours lounging in.
  • Warm lighting. The right lighting can do wonders for enhancing the coziness of a space. Think twinkling fairy lights or desk lamps that cast a warm glow. 
  • Soothing scents. Scented candles can instantly transform a room and make it more relaxing. Look for candles with notes of eucalyptus, lemon, bergamot, or ylang ylang -- these scents not only smell fantastic but they’re known for their stress-relief properties. 
  • Tools for introspection. With winter comes lower temperatures and a slower change of pace. It’s a season that’s conducive to journaling and looking inward. When you’re looking for introspective gifts for your homebody friend, look for journals, beautiful pens, and notebooks that are pretty enough to display. 

With those gift-giving guideposts in mind, here are some specific meaningful gift ideas for the homebodies in your life.

Gratitude journal. Your homebody friend can relish all the small and big things that they are grateful for with the Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal. This makes a beautiful keepsake and your friend will love revisiting the passages and be reminded of the pleasures in their life, for years to come. 

Candle holders. There’s something about tapered candlesticks and candle holders that make a space feel so special and grown up. Tapered candles look great at the dinner table or placed around the living room and would instantly elevate any meal or Netflix and chill session. And the best part? Tapered candles come in a pack, so your friend can light as many candles as they like, without feeling guilty about it.

Himalayan salt lamp. The soft glow from a Himalyan salt lamp would add a relaxing touch to your friend’s room and it makes for a great night light. 

Three month goal planner. For the homebody who loves projects or the person who works on a quarterly schedule and needs to manage multiple deadlines.  

Paper planner. When you spend a lot of time at home, it can feel challenging trying to create boundaries for your personal and work life. You need a way to stay organized and on top of things. That’s why the Ink+Volt Goal Planner has been such a lifesaver for me. The weekly planning pages help me manage work deadlines, tasks, and errands, while the monthly pages allow me to think big picture and ensure that I don’t lose sight of my important goals. 

Fleece jacket. This jacket looks cozy enough for hours of indoor lounging but also stylish enough to wear out and run errands in. 

Thermal knit tee. This is the perfect winter tee for indoors hangs or for the person working remotely who still needs to look slightly put together in case they receive any impromptu Facetime calls. 

Slipper socks. These socks are so cozy that your friend will actually look forward to staying in and wearing these inside. The website describes these socks as “perfect for padding around the house” and your homebody friend will surely agree. 

Scented candles. Thymes’ Frasier Fir candles will make your friend’s home smell like a pine forest and a winter wonderland. Or, you can opt for the La Botica’s Ceremony candle which will envelop their space with a soothing, palo santo fragrance. 

Milk frother. Help make your friend’s mornings feel more special and decadent with an easy-to-use milk frother. Now they can have cafe-worthy lattes without ever having to step outside. 

Rope basket. Let’s face it, our homes are not always peaceful retreats, and more often than not, look like disaster zones. Give your friend the gift of a clutter-free space with this functional rope basket. It has enough space to corral laundry, blankets, or toys, while also being cute enough to display in the room.

Sheepskin rug. This sheepskin rug will add cozy, cabin vibes to your friend’s space.  Plus, it’s so soft that your friend will feel like they are actually stepping on a cloud. 

Kiehls hand salve. Handwashing plus colder temperatures this winter means dry, coarse hands. Treat your friend to a rich hand salve that’s compact enough to stash in their bag or keep on their work desk. 

Rustic mugs. Rustic touches make you feel like you’re hibernating in a cabin in the woods. Your friend will love sipping their morning cup of tea in this beautiful ceramic mug. Or go for this speckled mug so your friend can feel like they’re sipping their morning cup of joe in a woodsy retreat.

The great thing about gift giving for homebodies is that something as simple as a candle or a lovely journal will make them feel so appreciated. It’s all about finding simple, elevated takes on everyday things that they will love using time and time again.

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