Our Favorite Fine Stationery (That You Can Actually Afford!)

Our Favorite Fine Stationery (That You Can Actually Afford!)

Luxury doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

And who doesn’t like the look and feel of a luxurious product in their hand? Lucky for you, fine stationery is a perfect of example of everyday luxury you can use at home and work.

Fine stationery is luxurious, professional, and high class. It can transform your writing experience and your entire space just with its presence.

Fine stationery can be used for more than just the rare and special writing experience. It’s one of those everyday products that you don’t need to deprive yourself of. Touch, feel, and enjoy fine stationery for any reason, any time, from daily notetaking and journaling, to notepads and pencils.

And the best part is: you can afford it. While swapping out every notebook in your life with luxury stationery might be out of your price range, there are definitely options out there for you. Whether it’s a notepad or a set of thank you cards, making investments in small pieces of fine stationery doesn’t have to break the bank, but it can seriously elevate your lifestyle.

What have you been missing out on? Read on. We’ll share why we think you should buy and use fine stationery, as well as a list of our go-to fine stationery products that we know you’ll fall in love with too.

What is fine stationery?

Fine stationery is a high quality product – its luxury comes from an attention to detail, use of exceptional materials, and a product that captures an elegant look and feel, with the ability to perform and last.

1. Takes into account the heaviness of the paper. Touch the paper. How thick is it in between your fingers? Does the light shine through? Depending on the product and the writing tools you’re planning to use, paper thickness affects how your pen/pencil writes, how the ink absorbs, how it feels when you use it, etc. Paper that is too thin (not opaque/more transparent) doesn’t absorb ink well, causing undesirable feathering and bleeding.

Fine stationery, and the paper specifically, feels buttery smooth, is thick enough to absorb ink well without bleeding, takes the pen well, and feels like a high end piece of paper. Some helpful terminology:

  • 70 pound paper versus 120 pound paper. These numbers simply mean how thick the paper is; paper is measured in pounds per 500 sheets. 120 pound paper is thick like cardstock whereas 70 pound paper is lighter and thinner in comparison but still opaque (light doesn’t shine through completely) and ideal for everyday writing. Products like the Ink+Volt Planner use 70 pound paper and brands like Smitten on Paper use 120 pound paper for their Today Notepad.
  • Foolscap paper refers to the size of the paper (it’s smaller than the common A4 sheets) and quality, with a smooth writing feel and good ink absorption.

2. Incorporates little, unexpected details. These are the elements that elevate a product and make it more than just an ordinary piece of paper or simple No. 2 pencil. Gold accents, color selections, attention to size and shape, page ribbons, unique/special materials, etc. make the difference between ordinary stationery and fine stationery.

Details contribute to your overall experience with the product because:

  • They make you look more professional and put together, and are aesthetically pleasing
  • Turn your desk or accompanying items into a lovelier space (they just look good!), transforming it simply by sitting on your desk or being in your hand
  • Make you want to use them because they encourage a pleasurable writing experience

3. Uses durable materials. Fine stationery is durable and stands up to everyday use. It’s not flimsy or susceptible to breaks or cracks after a few uses, and still looks good even after being used for a while. The durability and performance essentially come down to the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship and attention to details, and a careful eye.

4. Attention to the user experience. A high quality product enhances the user experience; it focuses on the user’s touch and interaction with the product, not just getting the job done. Buttery smooth, silky paper is heads above any rough or bumpy alternative. A high quality pen or pencil should feel good, even solid in your hand, writing evenly and consistently.

Fine stationery products we love (you will too)

First up is a Japanese company called Kunisawa.

Their products are tailor-made for the working, business professional who seeks high quality and high class products, all while being reasonably priced for the everyday person and everyday use. The inspirational logo (a mythical three legged crow, or Yatagarasu) perfectly symbolizes the product, representing heaven, earth, and humanity:

“We use Yatagarasu as a symbol of business people that are casting a bright light on the future and inspiring the world.”

With careful attention to detail, each product is special. The foolscap paper works especially well with fountain pens, but we’ve tried a variety of pens and all have held up exceptionally well.

The remarkably smooth, buttery paper is to die for and is used in all of their products (we’re happy to say!). If you’re looking for a product that uses paper that’s literally as smooth as silk, this is the one! This product is gender neutral, making it a perfect fit for the professional businesswoman or businessman.

Similarly well loved as a fine stationery product is Smitten on Paper.

Their stationery delivers a beautiful, envy-worthy notepad that is functional and durable. Using thicker, 120 pound paper, it has substance yet a creamy feel you’ll love. Glamorous without being over the top, this fine stationery products are perfect for the everyday, saying “look at me” as it sits perfectly on your desk.

And did we mention how functional the products are? Encouraging you to meet your goals and carry you through the day, any of their products will check off all of the fine stationery boxes.

  • The Today Notepad uses heavy cardstock that can withstand even permanent marker without bleed through.
  • The Tasks Notepad is perfect if you’re in love with gold foiling (like we are). Stay productive and focused throughout your day.
  • This Week Notepad gets you through the week with the same high quality paper.
  • The Desk Notes Notepad delivers simplicity and beauty all on one sheet, with gold detailing to boot.

We love the writing experience that a Palomino Blackwing Pencil delivers.

Using a strong graphite core, it performs just as well as it writes. Without needing frequent sharpening, the pencil readily and easily writes, sketches, and doodles its way across your page. And when we mentioned earlier that fine stationery comes down to the little details, this pencil has you covered – it uses genuine California incense cedar, which imparts a lovely smell.

If you’re more of a pen person, the beautifully crafted Caran d’Ache of Switzerland is a must.

A product made with pride of craftsmanship, you’ll bring with you sophistication wherever you go. The Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen comes in 4 perfectly simple colors, and has a unique hexagonal shape and aluminum body that make it a comfortable writing companion throughout your entire day.

There’s no reason not to use any of these fine stationery products every day. Let our favorite products transform your writing experience!

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