Picking Your 2016 Theme and Setting Some Big Goals

Picking Your 2016 Theme and Setting Some Big Goals

Hey there hot stuff!

I am writing this email to you from an airplane. And this is particularly exciting because I am on my way home from a trip to Hawaii. That was one of my big goals in 2015 – to go to visit Hawaii and spend some quality time with my better half.

As I am celebrating my accomplishments (and away from distractions on an airplane), what better time to think about all the great things I want to do in 2016, right?

And that is what this week is all about…

In week 1, we focused on what we did on 2015.

Last week, we took a look far in the future and hopefully those worksheets helped you hone in on your values and what is means for *you* to live a rich life.


This week these worksheets are meant to augment the first set of pages in your Spark Book. It is all the extra material that is going to help you pick a theme that means something to you, and establish some big goals for 2016.

Last year my theme was Radiant. I am still trying to decide what it will be this year. I would love to hear your theme though!

Share your theme on social media and be sure to tag @sparknotebook on instagram or Facebook so I can see.

Next week, I am going to be sharing some special planning worksheets with you to help you break down your goals, create some healthy habits, and all the things you need to start planning in your Spark book – so be on the lookout for those.

Until next week, superstar!

PS: If you don’t follow Spark Notebook on instagram or Facebook, now is a great time! I want to get social with you.

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