Planner Color Quiz: Will One of These Be Your Perfect Fit?

woman writing in a planner

A planner is more than just a notebook.

For some people, a planner is a tool to help them become more productive and organized. For others, a planner is a chance to be more mindful about their day. And for many planner users, it’s a way to motivate themselves to achieve their biggest dreams.

Regardless of how you use it, you’ll want to pick a planner that feels like it was made just for you.

Our Ink+Volt community knows that the right planner gets us excited about our goals. And that not only is the content and layout important, but that the cover is essential as well. The cover makes our planner feel that much more special. It’s what makes us want to open it up and realize our dreams.

And with so many planner colors to choose from, how do we pick the right one?

If you’re having trouble choosing a planner color, here are some fun ways to help you narrow down your pick.

Judge a planner by its cover

Before choosing a color, you’ll want to consider what kind of planner cover fits your needs.

Soft cover. Do you plan on bringing your planner everywhere? You’ll appreciate a soft cover planner that you can easily tuck into your bag or under your arm. And the great thing about our Ink+Volt Soft Touch covers is that you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for style. Our covers have a smooth, suede-like material with a sleek and modern look.

Bookcloth. This is a great choice for planner users who love the look and feel of a classic book cover. Our Ink+Volt book cloth cover is a linen-like, tightly woven material and comes in a variety of beautiful hues. And thanks to the sturdy hard cover, you can rest it on your lap while jotting down your thoughts. 

Vinyl. This is a smooth cover with a subtle sparkly sheen. This is for planner lovers who want a little fun and personality on their cover. Plus, the 2023 stamp on the spine makes it easy to locate your planner on a bookshelf. 

The best planner color for you

Our Ink+Volt planners come in a variety of hues so you’re bound to find one. Check out the different categories below to figure out which planner color suits your style. 


You want a planner that’s professional enough to bring along to meetings, but also stylish enough that it will look lovely on your desk. You appreciate simple but elevated style that lets your true personality shine through. 

These are the planner colors for you…

Plum. Purple is known as the color of royalty and this plum planner cover will undoubtedly have you feeling grand and elegant every time you use it. 

Spruce. This deep green color conveys sophistication and diligence. A color like this would inspire confidence in your goals and the day ahead.

French Blue. The soft blue color brings to mind Tiffany’s and all things chic and elegant. This planner is part of our limited 2023 Limited Edition Series so it has our goal planning systems you know and love as well as new inspiration prompts. The vintage inspired cover also features a stunning foil stamp that says Dare to Achieve. 

Indigo. Indigo is a color associated with wisdom and honor. This beautiful dark blue cover is perfect for both corporate and creative types who like clean design and vivid color. With this planner in tow, you’d definitely feel your best. 


You adore bright colors. You’ve never met a colorful marker or pen you didn’t love. And you believe office accessories should have a playful vibe. You want a planner that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. 

These are the planner colors for you…

Flamingo. With this fresh and inviting pink color, you’ll definitely be excited to crack open your planner and get to work on your goals. The cheerful cover would make goal setting feel less intimidating and much more fun and approachable. 

Sunflower. Imagine starting your morning routine with this friendly cover. The yellow hue would energize your spirits and get your day off to a positive start. 

Splash. This bright, bold hue would be perfect for graphic designers, illustrators, writers, and anyone who wants to add a pop of color to their workspace. 


You’re a homebody who’s ideal Friday night is curling up with a good book. You love soft textures, candles, and all things hygge. You want a planner that inspires calm and helps you be more intentional with your day.

Here are the planner colors for you…

Blue Dusk. Sunsets and sunrises might get all the love but there’s something so magical about dusk. This soothing planner color reminds us of the beautiful hues of the early evening sky. It will help you slow down and put you in a contemplative mood. 

Goldenrod. This warm yellow hue is so calming. With a cup of tea by your side, this planner would make a great addition to a morning routine and help you ease into the day.

Winter Sage. Even the name itself evokes calm and cozy. The gentle green color would definitely add a tranquil element to your workspace and it would be the ideal companion for a self-care weekend. 


Whether it’s hitting the beach or taking a walk in the woods or biking along a trail, you feel your best when you’re out in nature. You want a planner color that evokes those outdoorsy, organic vibes. 

Here are the planner colors for you…

Blue Slate. This color is reminiscent of the ocean and long days at the beach. You can practically hear the sounds of the waves crashing and seagulls squawking above. :)

Charcoal. This soft gray color is both simple and peaceful. It’s great for planner users who like a clean, natural, and unfussy look. This way, your workspace is free from distractions and you can focus your energies on the task at hand. 

Ruby. This rich, jewel tone color reminds us of the prettiest flowers out in nature. And with office spaces being so impersonal and drab, this vibrant tone would definitely feel refreshing.
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