2022 Ink+Volt Goal Planners Are Here!

2022 Ink+Volt Goal Planners Are Here!

Ink+Volt 2022 Goal Planners are here!

Get yours now! Find your perfect fit:

Our bestselling goal planners have helped thousands of people accomplish their biggest goals using our research-backed goal setting systems. Get your planner today and get access to these proven layouts and exercises:

  • Visualize and create a roadmap for the future
  • Build a timeline and plan your year
  • Goal planning pages
  • Monthly calendars
  • Monthly goals
  • 30-day challenges
  • Weekly planning and goals
  • Accomplishments and reflection

How would it feel to invest in your future success? This is your moment, right now.

6 reasons why we love planners

There’s nothing like the sensorial experience of writing things down on pretty paper, the excitement and potential that a new planner brings, and the huge sense of satisfaction we get when we see our progress grow and goals come into fruition.

A planner helps us be more productive, stay organized, and pursue our dreams. 

And in honor of today, National Planner Day - this holiday seems custom made for us! - we’re celebrating our love for the paper planner. Here are some of the reasons why we love this trusty, life-changing tool.

1. A planner turns your goals into reality

A goal that’s in your mind feels like a distant dream. But a goal that’s written down, feels tangible and real.

There is power in writing things down: it helps us retain information, encourages us to slow down and be more deliberate about our plans, and, whereas entering a goal on a Notes app feels like we’re adding another chore (or sending it off into the ether), a goal that’s written down feels real.

When we write down our goals, we’re communicating a message to ourselves that this goal is worthy and that we intend to accomplish it. That is why people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. It is the first step of taking your goals seriously enough to actually act on them.

Goals can feel overwhelming and huge at first in our minds, but writing it down is the first small step we can take. Afterwards, we can take the next small step and the next, until we achieve our goal.

2. Planners get our lives in order

Yes, a paper planner makes our goals feel more special, but they’re also just practical. Have you ever tried to get through a work day without organizing it first? It’s chaotic. We simply cannot remember all the assignments, deadlines, meetings, and details. And not all of us have the luxury of having a personal assistant. Luckily, a personal planner can do a lot of the heavy lifting for us. 

And what I love about my Ink+Volt planner is that it helps me stay on top of my biggest priorities, along with maintaining my run-of-the mill chores and errands. There’s a monthly page where you can record your monthly goals. And weekly layouts to help you organize work deadlines, errands, and any tasks related to your goal. It’s helpful to see the multiple streams of your life--office, home, personal goals--so that you can better coordinate it. You get to see the big picture, along with all the nuts and bolts.  

Simply put, planners make sure we get things done, and well.

3. Everything in one place

Apps are super convenient, but it can be distracting to toggle between digital tools. One minute you’re recording your weekly goals on your phone, and then the next minute you’re answering a string of text messages. The benefit of having a planner is that you can have all your information in one main hub, but without the digital interruptions. 

With a planner, you can easily flip back to planner pages of previous months--which is helpful when you’re trying to measure your progress or need to look up an old work assignment--and you can conveniently refer to your weekly and monthly pages, so that you can always align your weekly plans with your big picture goals. 

And our Ink+Volt planner is more than just a calendar or agenda. It’s a multi-purpose tool that helps support our busy lives. When you have your goals, tasks, and dates all in one place, it feels like all the different components of your life are moving in the same direction, with purpose. This is particularly helpful during those challenging times--when everything feels overwhelming and deadlines and assignments seem to pour in. When you’re feeling stressed or anxious about a work situation, it’s nice to have a planner that helps you gain clarity and get coherence on all the disparate parts of your life.

4. Planners help you progress

Another reason to love planners? They motivate you. If you’re looking to incorporate a new habit, such as meditation or a gratitude practice or a morning routine, a planner can help you kickstart your new routine and ensure that you maintain it. 

In our Ink+Volt planner, there’s a weekly layout section with space to record your new habit and measure your progress each quarter, month, and week. By regularly checking in on your progress, you’ll see that consistency and taking small steps is key to building a new behavior.

5. Planners travel with you

You can slip your Ink+Volt planner in your bag or suitcase, and easily transport it to meetings or business trips. You can keep it by your bedside if you want to check in with your goals first thing in the morning or before you go to sleep. Then bring it with you to your workspace to help you coordinate your schedule and work for the week.

6. Planners are personal 

The great thing about paper planners is that you can customize it to meet your needs. Planner devotees love the flexibility that a paper planner offers, as well as the opportunity it presents to express your unique personality and style.  

You can personalize a planner with colorful gel pens. Track habits and important deadlines with washi tape. Or add pretty stickers to motivate you and help you stay on top of your goals. 

You can also use your planner to serve multiple purposes. Use it as a fitness planner to record your workouts and progress. Or use it as a meal planning tool to keep track of recipes and ingredients. And, of course, you can always use your planner to monitor your personal or professional goals. 

A planner is a place to record big milestones. Or brainstorm new ideas. Or simply jot down your tasks. There are so many excellent features that help make our lives easier and more fulfilling. Let us know what you love about planners. We’d love to hear from you!

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