Quirky Gifts for Friends Who Have Everything

Quirky Gifts for Friends Who Have Everything

As tempting as it is to get our loved ones practical, useful gifts, sometimes it’s best to let loose and celebrate what makes them unique.

Why give your best friend another tote bag or cute lunch box when you could give them something that will make them laugh out loud or feel like you really, really get them.

For today’s gift guide, we put some thought into the quirky characters in our lives. These are the folks who make us smile, who have distinct personalities, and who believe life is in the details. We distilled 10 distinct personalities that are dear to our hearts and who might enjoy a chuckle from one of these quirky gift selections.

1. Best Friend – Custom Face Dishes

Frankly, I don’t see my best friend’s face enough. We live in different states, we don’t do the “FaceTime” thing, but we try to keep in touch as much as possible. Of course, we send photos and continue to visit each other frequently, but I could also get her a small dish with an illustration of my face painted on it. Who knew??

And I could have a painted dish with HER face painted on it to keep with me too. What a fun way to stay close to your friend…or at least to keep your face close to them. Plus, what better gift can you get a best friend when they already have your lifelong friendship?

2. Plant Lover – Large Air Plant

Almost everyone can appreciate a beautiful houseplant… even those of us with a black thumb. As tempting as it may be to give the plant lover in your life yet another thing they have to remember to water, an air plant might make the perfect alternative plant gift!

While the plant itself brings the wow factor on its own — and needs next to no watering — pairing it with a quirky dish from your personal collection or from the local thrift store would complete the package beautifully.

3. Cat / Tea Person – Glass Cat/Fish Tea Infuser Mug

Cat lover? Tea person? Why choose when you can satisfy both with one gift? This adorable tea infuser replaces soggy tea bags with a loose leaf infuser nestled into the glass, lidded mug — oh, and it has both a cat and a fish on it. This cup will keep their tea hot, free of grassy tea fragments, and full of cat-faced joy.

4. Party Host – Yard Dice Set

King of Cornhole, Her Majesty of Horseshoes, that friend who always invites everyone over to grill out and play lawn games until the sun goes down. The easy route would be to search for hostess gifts, but this set of yard dice will be a curveball they didn’t see coming.

5. Crass Co-worker – What Do You Meme Party Game

Remember when Cards Against Humanity came out? It was a revolution for party games, geared specifically toward adults and favoring those with dark humor. What Do You Meme kicks it up a notch by leaning specifically toward millennials, those who came of age alongside the internet, communicating in bizarre photos with relatable quotes that make us laugh, snort, and nod our heads at their inherent relevancy.

6. Craft Queen – “Ugh” Embroidery Kit

I think we can all agree that embroidery is pretty popular right now. This age-old craft that was once a woman’s mandated pastime has been reclaimed in the modern era for quirky decor, quick and colorful crafting, and even in activism. Get your crafty friend an easy-but-enjoyable colorful embroidery kit that epitomizes exactly we feel when it seems like we have nothing to do.

7. Bookworms + Academics – Wanderlust Sticker Set Tokyo

Studying and taking notes is not exactly the height of fun, so give your book-loving academic friends a smile every time they open their texts with these fun stickers. Perfect for making important pages and leaving little reminders sticking out of their planner. 

8. Homebody – Geode Puzzle

Where embroidery is definitely popular, I’m predicting puzzles are about to make a major comeback. What could be a more peaceful alternative to mindless phone scrolling than putting on a great record, pouring a second cup of coffee, and sitting down to a gorgeous and complicated puzzle.

For the homebody in your life, give them something entertaining to do from the comfort of their pajamas. Who knows, they might even invite you over to help!

9. Coffee Snob – 33 Cups of Coffee Tasting Journal

For the person who walks up to you about to explode with the origin, tasting notes, and fine details of their cup of coffee… when all you want is to get caffeinated and get going! Treat them to a way to get even more connected to their coffee experience with this coffee tasting journal. For each exemplary cup they experience, there are prompts to record important details, bean specifics, coffee shop, and even their personal notes on the drinking experience.

10. Chocolate Fiend – Make Your Own Truffles Kit

Buying a friend chocolates is a lovely thought, but empowering them to create their own with this quirky kit is sure to make memories. This kit contains everything you need to make a handful of different truffles, as well as instructions for ways you can customize the kit and expand your ingredients to more possible recipes.

Note: this kit is vegan but can be customized by the recipient to include milk. A quirky, perfect gift to please all chocolate lovers!

But, my person isn’t on this list. How do I search for the perfect quirky gift?

Not sure what to get for someone special in your life? Write down a little about their personality and interests and we’ll help you search for the perfect quirky gift.

Is there something or someone this person loves tremendously?

For example: Obsessed with sloths, unicorns, or mermaids; world’s biggest Big Bang Theory fan.

How does this person spend their free time? i.e. hobbies, activities, or intellectual pursuits.

For example: Spending countless hours perfecting the landscape of their fish tank; always modifying some strange part on their car; working tirelessly each weekend on their WWI battlefield replica model.

What kind of sense of humor does this person have?

For example: Literary humor; new-agey humor, potty humor, dad humor.

Now, it’s time for a little research. We’ve found that the best sources for gift guides and idea lists come from blogs and special-interest websites. When searching, keep your eye open for independent curators creating lists specifically for people with similar interests to your recipient.

Switch up your search queries and hunt in different corners from the internet, from an overarching Google search to a more targeted website search.

Some of our favorite places to find quirky gifts:

And don’t forget, plan ahead and buy your gifts now before it’s too late!

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