Start the New Year with a Bang

Start the New Year with a Bang

Can you believe we are already here in the first week of December?

Think about it: there are only FOUR weeks left in 2015. Four weeks!!

I really feel like I was just writing my 2015 goals, and here I am already, staring down the end of the year and looking back at all that I’ve accomplished.

(And what I haven’t accomplished yet too…)

What do YOU still have to do before the end of the year?

Where did you think you’d be by now? What did you have planned for this year, way back in January? How far have you come?

When I created the Spark Notebook I wanted to create a tool that wouldn’t just make you more productive, but would bring you closer to your goals and dreams. And that is why I write this newsletter – I want to give you more ideas, inspiration and content that will help you make progress on the things that matter.

For the next 4 weeks I am going to be sending you a worksheet each week to help you think through your plans for 2016 (and if you are using a Spark Notebook or Spark Planner be ready to fill out all of those yearly planning pages).

Ready to get serious about success and make the rest of this year really count?

Access your week 1 worksheet now!

See, my first reaction to hearing that there are 4 weeks left in 2015 — if I am completely honest — is a little bit of panic.

And I bet yours is something similar.

The good news is: four weeks is plenty of time. You can do A LOT in four weeks.

But operating from a place of panic (or fear or disappointment or anxiety…) is not a good way to make the rest of your year really count. You can’t be productive if you’re distracted and stressed. You can’t make an impact if you’re afraid.

You need to be empowered. You need to be excited.

Because the truth is: you still have the chance to make this year awesome, no matter how much you got sidetracked or distracted or slowed down before, by closing it out with a bang. You can enter 2016 with amazing momentum if you just make the decision to maximize the time you have left in 2015.

And let’s make the rest of 2015 completely amazing.


P.S. Look out for my email next week for a worksheet that gets you primed for setting up some big goals in 2016 (this is a good time to whitelist my email address too, so you don’t miss any of these emails!).

P.S.S. As you make your plans, be sure to share your progress with me on instagram! I would love to hear from you and see all your great work. @sparknotebook and/or @katemats

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