Stay Motivated All Year With a Planner Without Dates

Stay Motivated All Year With a Planner Without Dates

Inspiration and motivation can strike at any time.

The beginning of the calendar year or school year aren’t the only times to get organized and inspired. Whether you’ve set a new goal mid-year or you have trouble with staying motivated throughout the week, you can keep your pace and stay on track with a planner that molds to you. 

Planners without dates have a lot of flexibility, which is their main attraction, but you may also discover that they benefit your days in so many more ways than just that.

You may find an undated planner particularly useful if your lifestyle is one of the following: 

  • Students: Some weeks are busier than others. With assignments, deadlines and exams that vary class to class all semester long, an undated planner can help you better map out everything you need to keep track of throughout the week. 
  • Freelancers and gig workers: Managing different deadlines and projects can feel like its own job. You likely need a planner that can help you track the status of your work and varying deadlines, especially when they’re always changing. 
  • Project managers: You likely have a variety of different timelines you’re working on, which can be difficult to manage in a traditional planner. Tailor an undated planner to your project, not your week. 
  • Parents: Undated planners aren’t just for the office. Keeping multiple schedules in order is a lot of work. Fit every event, project or deadline easily into one place. 

Ways undated planners work

There are a lot of reasons to try an undated planner, no matter what your day-to-day looks like. Even the most deadline-oriented people can benefit from organizing the day without a formal calendar. 

Improving productivity 

When you have more control over how you develop your schedule and keep track of your days, you feel a lot better about it all! You might think that flexibility doesn’t correlate to greater productivity, but that’s just a common misconception. 

Think about it this way: When you have the ability to arrive at the office a few hours late or leave early, do you find yourself better budgeting your time? A lot of people would say yes. And while the reasoning differs for everybody, planners are sort of the same way.

Deadlines are important, but obsessing over the date and not progress can actually harm productivity. Instead of stressing about making it to that Tuesday deadline, use an undated planner to look at all of your priorities. Creating some flexibility in your planning will open up a lot of possibilities.

To really focus on your to-do list, try an undated daily planner, which you can customize every day and keep yourself on track. Sometimes it’s better to focus on what’s right in front of you instead of becoming overwhelmed with everything you want or need to accomplish in a week or month. 

Tailored goal-setting 

It’s true that when you set goals you should have some sense of timeliness, otherwise you might feel like you’re not making any progress and eventually lose interest. 

An undated planner, however, can really help you develop a better plan. Afterall, you might start your goal mid-month or mid-year, which most traditional planners aren’t necessarily built for. Instead of battling the format, a goal planner can help you turn your dreams into reality by allowing you to set the dates and the pace.

Making the most of your pages 

Have you ever gone a few days or weeks without referencing your planner? Most of us have! Whether it’s because of an extended vacation or just a slow week, we’re bound to have some time where our planner goes unused. 

With an undated planner, you no longer have to feel guilty about those unused pages. Start and start as it makes sense for you. A nice bonus is that you won’t be wasting any paper. 

Choosing the right planner without dates

Now that you have an idea of what you can accomplish with an undated planner, it’s time to choose one that works for you. 

Whether it’s a short term goal or you’re planning for the long haul, an undated planner can help you cross the finish line. The Ink+Volt 3-month, 6-month, and Today Planners are all built so that you can set a goal and follow it through. 

3-month planner

The truth is that you can accomplish a lot in just 90 days. The 3-Month Goal Planner was designed with that in mind. Perhaps you have a quarterly project in mind or you want to closely track progression. This is the tool to do just that. 

You’re able to set a road map for the three months, meaning that you won’t get overwhelmed with anything beyond your goal. You’ll also be able to break down your weeks, which is really important when it comes to short-term goal planning. Every day counts! 

Finally, you have room to record your accomplishments and reflections. Timing is everything, but with this planner you won’t have to worry about it. 

6-month planner

When you’re committing to a goal that’s going to take several months, you need the ability to take notes and track your progress. That makes this planner great for really diving in deep, creating routines and sticking with it. 

Space for check-ins allow for accountability, which is basically a requirement for goals that take time. It also ensures that you can follow your progress and see what you’ve accomplished, especially when you feel like you’ve reached a plateau or you want to give up. 

Each month is totally customizable, so you’ll get to start on a fresh foot, even if it’s in July.

Daily planner 

Undated planners can complement a dated planner very well. If you’re a person who plans far out in advance, but often gets lost in the day-to-day activities, consider adding an undated daily planner. It’s like a to-do list, but detailed in a way that will keep you organized, on time and feeling good by the end of the day.

Written by Kara Mason.

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