3 Strategies to Help You Crush Your Next Busy Day

An Ink+Volt Today Pad is filled out with tasks and a schedule for a busy day.

Got a busy day coming up? Or does every day seem busier than the last?

Being busy typically means rushing, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and flustered, unable to make decisions...all with the pressure of time breathing down your neck.    

Time. Specifically the lack of time, is the hardest thing to grapple with when you’re busy. And time is so much more precious on a busy day. 

When busy days reign supreme throughout your week, you need to bring your A game. Busy days are so much more manageable if you’re able to prepare for them in advance, are well rested, and you can be flexible in the face of changes and competing demands. But it’s hard, right? 

Since busy days aren’t always predictable, you need a plan you can implement quickly and efficiently when you need to be superhuman. 

Let’s get ahead of your next busy day with these strategies.

When busy days are on the horizon

When you think about a busy day, what does that mean to you and what does it look like? Busyness often means:

  • You feel scattered and are pulled in different directions 
  • Back-to-back meetings/errands/projects/demands etc with little to no break time
  • You struggle to make decisions as effectively, especially about what to do next
  • Going at full speed and consequently feeling tired or worn out

Some people feel like they thrive on busy days, whereas other people feel like they barely make it through. No matter how being busy makes you feel, having a plan can make sure your outcomes are effective.

Tackling your busy day like a pro

A busy day is all about figuring out how to meet your goals and deadlines while going along at a higher speed with unexpected interruptions. 

1. Schedule time to prepare

Preparing for your day in advance makes a world of difference, especially the busy ones. Sometimes busy days come out of nowhere and preparation seems like it will take too much of your precious time to lay out a plan. But it is still very important. 

For those known and expected busy days, take a look at your planner or weekly deskpad at the beginning of the week. Preparing for your week in advance is an excellent habit and will give you a better sense of what future days are going to be especially busy. 

As you identify your busy days in advance, write out a few simple reminders. Even if you only find out the night before that tomorrow is going to be busy, implement these tips below:

  • Set aside time the night before to get a good night's rest. Work backwards from the time you need to get up -- when do you need to go to bed tonight in order to get the right amount of sleep?
  • Lay out your outfit and lunch, plus anything else you can in advance for the next day so you can get up and get off to a good start. Having food at the ready will make sure you’re properly fueled for the day without spending time cooking or shopping. Pack your work bag, and set your keys, phone, etc by the door so you can avoid morning chaos.
  • Avoid making plans the night before so you aren’t getting home late or doing something different than usual. 
  • Plan on waking up a little earlier to get a head start on the day; even 10 minutes of extra buffer time can make a big difference for getting your day going on the right foot.
  • Review the busy day in advance and familiarize yourself with what’s going to happen. Go over your calendar so you know when and where all your appointments are, have documents or materials printed out and ready, prep your notebook, take a look at your notes, and be sure your schedule is set. 

2. Keep a positive mindset

Facing a busy day is tiring and challenging. But staying positive throughout the day and celebrating at the end of it can make the day more enjoyable and manageable. 

  • Write down motivational quotes in your planner, weekly deskpad, or to do list. Anywhere you’ll see them to help keep your mood and outlook positive and energized. 
  • Incorporate a mantra into your day so that when things aren’t going well or you’re feeling frustrated you have something to focus on. For example, repeating to yourself “breathe” or “focus on the present” will help you avoid worrying about the future; by slowing down and actually breathing, you’ll physically feel better too. 
  • Set an intention for your day. One word that will refocus you and give you something to hold on to. Look at this word when you need a pick me up. On the Ink+Volt Today Organizer Pad, you’ll find the words productive, active, present, creative, and positive to choose from. This word could be your mantra for the day too!
  • Schedule just a few minutes outside for fresh air if you’ll be inside all day, or take a moment and appreciate it when you’re going in and out of the building for meetings. Fresh air is rejuvenating, helping your body and mind feel better. If you can incorporate a short break, do so!

3. Utilize the best tools that will bring you success

All the planning and preparation you do for a busy day will be that much smoother and productive with tools made with your success in mind. 

The Ink+Volt Today Organizer Pad is the perfect at a glance accompaniment to a busy day. It’s super functional with space for everything you need on one, easy to use page:

  • Set your intention for the day. At the very top of the page, you’ll see it says “I will be …” followed by your options: productive, active, present, creative, and positive. Pick what word you want to focus on that day. 
  • Schedule your day from 6am to 8pm with high level details written out on the corresponding lines to stay on track. 
  • List out all your tasks for the day, and check them off as you go along! Nothing feels better. 
  • Inevitably, there will be things you can’t get to. As needed, move them down in the area for “tomorrow.” Use the dotted blank space to jot down any other miscellaneous thoughts.
  • Staying hydrated will help you stay focused and productive, so that's why we added space to track your water intake. Just a friendly reminder to drink water throughout your day.
  • Tear off the page and you’re ready for the next day!

And there you go! Simple strategies to help you take on a busy day with ease. Busy days can wear you down, but they can also make you feel like a superstar if they go well. Make sure you have everything you need to tackle all of your busy, important days.

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