The Best Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

An array of inexpensive gifts for coworkers including a notebook, planner, and pen.

Holiday shopping for co-workers can be stressful. 

Even though you spend all week with them, you aren’t necessarily close, so finding a thoughtful holiday gift may be challenging.    

Consider their personality and life outside of work when finding a great gift. It doesn’t have to be something expensive to be meaningful. A nice pen, new notebook, or desk accessory can do the trick, if you’re really stuck. 

Whether they’re outdoorsy, a little glam, or the person who always stays late, you’ll probably be able to find them something affordable on this list. Our teams are part of what make our jobs fulfilling, so show them a little love this season.

On this list of inexpensive gifts for coworkers, you'll find lots of ideas for gifts, many of which are even under your $20 office holiday party limit.

For the happy hour organizer:  

Every office has that person who rallies the troops for happy hour. They know which bars have the best deals and who makes the best martini. Gift them something this holiday season that is right up their alley.  

A fancy cocktail shaker. The king or queen of cocktails in your office probably knows a thing or two about making their own. Gift them a fancy cocktail shaker and maybe you’ll get to benefit from it at the next office party.

Marble wine cooler. We know this coworker appreciates the appropriately-chilled bottle of wine. Help them do it in a chic way with a wine cooler that’ll last long past happy hour.

For the one who’s always stressed: 

Some of us handle stress more easily than others. For the coworker who's always feeling frantic, a relaxing gift can really make their day! Share a little kindness and calmness with these gifts. 

Speks Magnet Balls. According to research, fidgeting can help relieve stress, which can result in improved memory and boosted attention levels. So if you're looking for a desk toy that can help your coworker feel mellow and creative, you've got to check these out.

A worry doll. Legend has it that if you whisper your worries to this small doll and place it under your pillow at night, all of your troubles will disappear. It’s worth a shot, right?

A set of glitter pens. A glitter gel pen will take all the stress out of a lengthy to-do list. Trust us on this one. Goes perfectly with this inspirational coloring book, if you're looking for a gift bundle to help them truly unwind.

Gratitude journal. Sometimes a quiet moment of reflection is all it takes to alleviate stress. Remember what you have and why you started. The Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal has thoughtful daily and weekly prompts to induce an ongoing sense of gratitude and happiness.

For the office mom: 

The office mom is always taking care of everybody else. They just can’t help it. Get them something they probably already have on hand, but can never have enough of.

Set of pretty pens. Everyone always needs a pen! Gift this collection of pretty pastel colored ballpoint pens for beautiful note-taking and doodling.

A chic hand sanitizer keychain. Nothing says preparedness like a sanitizer holder, but it’s even better when it can double as a cute accessory.  

Private memo notepad. Perfect for leaving a note of encouragement for a stressed coworker, or a quick thank you to someone who saved the day on a big project. These little notes fold up for easy and discreet delivery of a positive message, any time of day.

For the weekend warrior: 

They’ve always got weekend plans and come back on Monday with the best stories. Whether they’re off to a new city or escaping to the great outdoors, a gift that captures their adventurous spirit is best.

642 Stories to Write. Whether they're investing new stories from their imagination or retelling some of their favorite adventures, this book of story prompts will help your coworker tap into their creative side.

A book of campfire stories. Nothing beats a good campfire story. This book features the best stories about America’s National Parks from some of the most inspiring writers. For nature-lovers, this is a must. 

A travel-friendly notebook. Designed for travel, style, and function, this durable but elegant notebook is perfect for tossing in a daypack while out on a weekend adventure.

For the coffee run buddy: 

You can always count on them to tag along for an afternoon caffeine pick-me-up, so it only makes sense to gift a special mug or coffee accessory they’ll be sure to reach for the next time you head for a much-needed latte.

A reusable, collapsible straw and case. For iced coffee days, a reusable straw that easily fits in a desk drawer, a bag (or even a pocket) is a necessity. Work and turtle friendly. Win-win! 

Latte art stencil kit. Latte art is usually an expert-level talent, but luckily there are stencils for making even homemade foam Instagram-worthy. Help your coworker make their coffee look lovely, even at home on their day off. 

An artisan travel mug. So long boring office mugs! A fabulous handmade mug just made coffee breaks that much better, and the ceramic makes it easy to handle whether you're walking down the street or throwing it in the car cupholder.

For the one who packs their lunch: 

These co-workers are prepared for everything, and we love them for it. They’ll appreciate anything that elevates their chef-status lunches. 

Fruit-infusing ice maker. This gift is a win-win, turning a glass of water into a special treat, and also helping them keep up their daily hydration goals with a boost of flavor.

Sweet and savory hot sauce. A hot sauce stash is the secret to the best desk lunches. This sauce is sweet and savory and really just the best-ever. 

On-the-go colander. Fresh fruits and veggies at work will never be the same again with an on-the-go colander, a gift they’ll use every day! 

For the one looking flawless on Zoom: 

This coworker appreciates anything a little glam. Find them something stylish, like an accessory that completes the look or a fun face mask to wind down from the day after work.

Sheet mask set. Sheet masks are a fun, low-commitment way to unwind after a busy day and invigorate your skin for a glowing look the next day. Give a little bundle of masks to a coworker who loves self-care.

Hair scarf set. A final hair accessory, like a scarf, can be the cherry on top of any look. Plus, with so many options, this is a fun gift to give to someone whose style you really get.

For the commuter: 

Life as a commuter can be rough, but so rewarding. These co-workers know the value in a gift that goes the extra mile. 

Twistable cord ribbons. These ribbons keep everything easily sorted, especially in messy bags. They’re the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for anybody who carries lots of electronics and could use some help keeping them untangled. 

A pack of the ultimate sanitizing wipes. Commuters are experts at utilizing public spaces, but public places can be gross. A great pack of fancy sanitizing wipes is actually a great gift, and they know it! 

For the one who has a spin class after this meeting: 

We all wish we could have the energy of this coworker. Gift something that will help them reach those endorphins.

Sweat-proof hair ties. These hair ties don’t leave annoying bumps in your hair after a workout, so they’re perfect for hitting a workout class on a lunch break or before dinner. And can anybody really have too many hair ties? 

Sport spray. Throw this in a gym bag for refreshing towels, shoes, and more when going straight from a workout to the office. It’s perfect for the person who is squeezing workouts in a busy schedule. 

A collapsible water bottle. Carrying a water bottle can be kind of annoying sometimes, but with one that easily fits in a bag, staying hydrated while on the go couldn’t be easier! 

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