The Best Planner Pads For Your Needs

The Best Planner Pads For Your Needs

Of all the productivity tools and apps to choose from, a planner pad is an essential one that you’ll want by your side.

Planner pads are low-cost, low-maintenance, and versatile. 

And with so much of our work being conducted online, an offline tool like a planner pad is so refreshing in its simplicity and convenience. Without digital distractions or the temptation to switch between tabs and tasks, a planner pad reins in our focus, and enables us to be more productive. 

Additionally, you can’t beat the convenience of a planner pad. You can toss them in your bag, take them with you to meetings, and refer to your notes whenever you need.

These days, you can find lots of different planner pads depending on your needs, and some are specially designed for goal-setting or meal prepping or managing multiple projects. 

Here’s a guide on our favorite planner pads so that you can take action and make your life easier and more organized starting today.

Tips for using your planner pad more effectively

At its very essence, a planner pad is a to-do list. It organizes the chaos of our days and gives us a clear view of what we need to take action on. A planner pad shows us the overwhelming big picture and whittles it down to its smallest, actionable steps. 

But a to-do list is only effective if we actually do it.

Here are ways that you can get the most out of your planner pad so that you find yourself eager to start and finish your tasks. 

Use action words

We’ve all written vague to-do list items like “mom’s birthday present” or “chores” or “presentation.” But a vague instruction makes it that much easier to skip and ignore. 

When writing your to-do list, make sure to be as clear and specific as possible. 

Here’s an example:

  • Vague: Mom’s birthday present
  • Specific: Buy mom’s birthday present 

The change may seem insignificant at first, but it’s actually very distinct. Using a verb like “buy” gives your mind something to visualize, and when we can picture it, we have an easier time taking action on it. It’s a subtle but powerful shift.

You can even make this action item more specific, like “brainstorm ideas for mom’s birthday present” or “buy flowers for mom’s birthday.” 

Stay focused

When it comes to to-do lists, the more focused, the better. If you include every single task and chore, you’ll feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to accomplish it all.

You can keep a separate document that captures all the assignments, deadlines, and errands you have to do, but make sure that your daily to-do list is compact and focused. 

You’ll end up being more productive when you have an achievable list.

Our favorite planner pads are goal and action-oriented, and are designed to help you articulate the specific steps you need to take to achieve success. 

Planner pad to manage big projects 

While project management tools like Asana and Trello are great for managing big projects with team members, sometimes you need something more practical if you’re a freelancer or small business owner or someone managing several teams or projects.

Here’s where our Ink+Volt Dashboard pad comes in. This planner pad can help you organize and structure your tasks, and keep track of what needs to be done, and what’s already been accomplished. This way you don’t waste time trying to figure out your next move or duplicating your work. 

You’ll be able to look closely at all the details and moving parts, as well as maintain a bird’s eye view of the big picture, all in one central location. Plus, you can easily carry your pad anywhere and update it whenever you need.

The Dashboard deskpad includes:

  • Weekly theme and highlights for at-a-glance planning
  • A section to write down your top 3 priorities for the week
  • 6 Focus areas to list your tasks. These focus areas can be used for goals, projects, clients, events, etc.

Planner pad for taking action on goals

As the saying goes, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

You can make those wishes come true by creating an action plan for your goals. 

The Ink+Volt Action Pad is specifically designed to help you identify the steps you need to take to get closer to your goal.

Using the pad, you can make a list of your short or long-term goals. There’s also a section where you can plan out your stretch goals. A stretch goal challenges our perceptions of what we think we’re capable of. When we go for something that’s beyond our reach, we actually make bigger strides and improvements, than if we were to remain in our comfort zone. 

Keep this Action Pad on your desk or somewhere you can see it regularly. When it comes to goals, you don’t want them to get stale. A visual reminder of your goals is a good way to keep them fresh in your mind, and maintain your enthusiasm for them.

Planner pad for house projects

Whether it’s remodeling a kitchen or doing a fixer upper, house projects can be pretty complex and overwhelming, with lots of details to plan and organize.

You have to maintain budgets, keep track of permits and contracts, and make sure that everything is running without delays.

Make things easier on yourself by planning and organizing all the different stages with our House Project Pad.

There’s a section where you can list materials/services so that you can keep an eye on expenses and stick to your budget. And a section where you can schedule important tasks so that your project is running on time. 

By planning and organizing every step of the way, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor and basking in your new space. 

Planner pad for meal prep

If you’re looking to save money on food and make healthier meals for you and your family, give meal prepping a try.

Like a lot of new habits, it takes consistency and effort to incorporate meal prepping into your routine.

Our Meal Planning pad can help you get started and keep track of what you need, from shopping for ingredients to planning your recipes. By having it all written down, you’ll be more likely to commit to your meal plan. 

Also, having all of your meals displayed on paper will help you approach meal planning more practically.  When we first get into meal planning, we get overly enthusiastic, tricking ourselves into thinking that we will really eat chili for five days straight. But seeing it all organized on paper is a good reminder to diversify your menu. And when you see all the ingredients listed on the planner pad, you’ll get ideas for ways to combine ingredients and create new meals.

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