The Best Productivity Holiday Stocking Stuffers

The Best Productivity Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Big ticket gifts are fun, but handheld gifts that just so happen to fit into Christmas stockings are a must for those who enjoy both exchanging and opening gifts.

That’s half the fun of Christmas, right?

It’s not about how much we spend… but tearing into wrapping paper and enjoying little treats is what makes the morning really sparkle.

Giving thoughtful presents doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when what you give is small, useful, and worth its value 10x over.

Think productivity gifts are boring? Think again. By giving the gift of productivity and/or career success, you are empowering your recipient to be:

  • More organized
  • Thoughtful and mindful of their time
  • Prepared for any opportunity
  • More creative in their thinking
  • Able to share their gratitude with others
  • Confident in their workplace style

You’re helping them make 2019 their best year yet.

With that goal in mind, we’ve curated the 15 most productive stocking stuffers from our catalog, perfect for the academic, the goal crusher, the planner lover, or the productivity maven in your life.

1. Ink+Volt Daily Task Pad

The gift no one knows to ask for – but once they have one, they won’t be able to live without! It’s a chic, straightforward deposit for your daily tasks and looks much more sophisticated on a desk than a loose scrap of paper with a to-do list.

Each day, your choose your primary focus: this could be a word, a mood, a mantra, or a single task that must be completed. Then list up to 10 tasks, and use the dot-matrix to add further details, ideas, daily notes, or a reflection as your day progresses. At the end of the day, choose tomorrow will be better, accomplished, or amazing to close out the list.

With 48 tearsheets of prompted to-do lists, your recipient will get through two months of weekday tasks.

2. Rhodia Notebook

Know someone who always seems to have ideas on their mind? Carrying a regular-size notebook can be impractical. The tactile experience of this small, 3.5 x 5 inch handheld notebook is as inviting as the rich, fountain-pen ready pages. Give them a daily-carry idea saver that could be the foundation for their next side hustle, creative project, or dream-come-true.

The Rhodia pocket-sized notebook is perfect for people who are often on the go:

  • Travelers
  • Cyclists and motorcyclists
  • Hikers and backpackers
  • Chefs and bakers
  • Salespeople
  • Real estate agents

If they’re living a busy life, they need a notebook that won’t get in the way of their adventures or their big ideas.

3. LAMY Safari Pen, refillable

Pair this fountain pen with the Rhodia notebook for a mega-wow gift factor. This LAMY Safari pen has a sleek, substantial body that feels meant-to-be for long-form jotters. A great gift not just for the writer or on-paper thinker, but for the environmentally conscious friend who appreciates a non-disposable pen option that’ll last a lifetime.

Afraid they’ll lose this gorgeous piece? Keep it close to their planner or A5-sized notebook with our pen quiver.

4. Planner Stickers

At first, I wasn’t a ‘sticker’ person. But after giving this set of planner stickers a try, I had to admit that making important dates and appointments with stickers was not just helpful, but it was actually pretty fun too.

This pack comes with 4 unique sheets of stickers that help mark everything from appointments and travel to date nights and finances. If they already have an Ink+Volt planner, they can store these safely in the pocket in the back of the book.

5. This Week Notepad

For the meal planner, the busy mom, or the person who likes a week-long overview of their to-do’s. These week-long, undated, thick cardstock sheets tear out individually and make great planner bookmarks.

Using a weekly planner is ideal for folks who have a repeating schedule, with specific time-bound commitments like picking the kids up from school, laundry and housework, or regularly scheduled academic commitments.

6. Little Letters of Thanks

You might be wondering how ‘letters of thanks’ could be productive. Well…

Gratitude affects you from the inside out, resulting in a stronger immune system, fewer aches and pains, lower blood pressure, and better sleep. Pretty amazing, right? (Read more about gratitude on our blog.)

Empower your recipient to spread gratitude and and feel the health benefits (that will make them more amazing and effective every day!) with a pack of Little Letters of Thanks, perfect for delivering small doses of gratitude every day.

7. Gold Binder Clips

Make sure they never fuss with their lay-flat planner or notebook again when they secure the page they’re writing on with one of these sturdy gold binder clips. Sure, you could use any normal, black plastic binder clip to do the job. But, where’s the fun in that?

8. Scribe Pocket Notebook, Pack of 3

Plenty of brilliant thinkers separate their ideas, projects, and dreams into different notebooks, stepping into each one as they might step into a new wardrobe. Give your recipient the opportunity to explore new ideas and opportunities with this set of 3 softcover pocket notebooks, the perfect size for purses, pockets, and lunchbox thoughts.

9. Foil-Stamped Tabs

Create streamlined separation in any notebook, planner, or binder with these classy, minimalist foil-stamped tabs.

Tabs aren’t for everyone, but we’ve heard specific requests for tabs from certain types of planning people, including:

  • Parents who print the Ink+Volt PDF Planner and arrange multiple spreads in a binder.
  • Students who frequently refer back to specific weeks to recall notes and important teacher details.
  • Freelancers who frequently plan months in advance, and refer months in the past for project details and milestones.

Help someone in your life take their organization to a whole new level with these lovely, smart tabs.

10. Twistable Cord Ribbons 10″

If you use technology, you need twistable cord ribbons. The 10” size is perfect for laptop chargers, long phone cords, and the corraling of all the power you need for your on-the-go professional life. Cord ribbons keep your cords from getting knotted, crushed, and confused — and make the ideal stocking stuffer for the tech-savvy hustler.

11. Mandatory, Optional, Extra Credit Notepad

Know someone who always puts way too much on their to-do list, only to feel down when they can’t complete their list each day? Empower them with an easy system that separates what’s most important to complete that day from the extra credit niceties like organizing the pantry and restructuring all of your pinterest boards.

It’s not that those items aren’t important, we just don’t want them to take over the time we need for goal-focused tasks!

12. Bitti Screen Cleaning Kit

Life is better with a clean screen. Rather than letting your recipient continue rubbing their t-shirt on their phone screen, gift this handy screen-cleaning kit.

But, we know gifts like this have a tendency to get lost… they’re small, easy to mistake for something else, and unfortunately easy to leave behind when working away from your desk. When the laces aren’t on cords, trying keeping them:

  • In your computer case
  • In your pen cup
  • In your pencil case or wrap
  • In your purse
  • On your keyring

It wouldn’t hurt to write this tips on the tag when you wrap these up for their stocking!

13. “Let’s Do This” Notepad

There’s a particular thinker who does much better with a notepad than they do with a notebook. Less formal than the Daily Task Pad and more attractive than the back of a napkin, this cute notepad from Rifle Paper Co is easy to keep on your desk to capture rogue tasks.

For the off-hand planner, the spontaneous ideator, and the person who constantly synthesizes information on paper only to tear out the sheet and share it – let’s do this.

14. Palomino Blackwing Pencils

These are not your standard Number 2s; Blackwing is one of the highest-quality industry standard pencils and they are an absolute luxury to use. Writing with a Blackwing is smooth, crisp, dark, and completely erasable should you mess up. Treat the paper-lover in your life to a year’s worth of the finest pencils money can buy.

Another detail that makes the Blackwing pencil special is it extra long sharpened point. We sell the Blackwing long point sharpener which would make a perfect addition to your gift pack of pencils.

15. Leone Dellera Paper Clips

Upgrade their paper clip collection with a set of Italian-made clips. Who might be able to make use of artistically-designed paper clips?

  • New graduates delivering resume and cover letter packages in person.
  • Authors and screenwriters compiling their drafts for review.
  • Project managers who provide printed deliverables to executives.

For the stationery special occasion, and even just for a little spice on the papers they keep bundled up at home.

Level up every stocking you stuff this holiday season with productivity, style, and spectacular stationery! Happy holidays, and happy shopping.

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