The Most Inspiring Gifts For Artists

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What makes a great gift for artists?

Whether your recipient is a painter, graphic designer, dancer, or someone who loves to journal in their notebook, you’ll want to find a gift that allows them to channel their creative side.

And, luckily, you don’t have to spend tons on the perfect gift. A thoughtful gift for artists is anything that embodies one of the following characteristics:

Inspirational. Aside from having lots of free time and a room of one’s own, one of the most important resources for an artist is inspiration. And a wonderful gift that you can provide for your artist friend is something that would cultivate their creativity and provide inspiration. It can be as generous as tickets to the opera or as simple as a notebook that they can fill with their ideas. Any gift that allows them to tap into their creative side is a great one for artists.

Practical. Artists might be stereotyped as daydreamers and loafers, but the truth is that the artistic process requires a lot of hard work and good tools. A gift that would allow your recipient to continue honing their craft would be welcomed. From a new set of paint brushes to a fresh supply of pens, a practical gift would feel like the ultimate treat for your artist friend.

Supportive. Creative pursuits can feel scary and vulnerable. It’s not always easy to put yourself out there and explore your artistic side. The best gift for artists is anything that would make them feel encouraged. So if your friend recently expressed interest in becoming a writer, a thoughtful gift could be a pen and a journal. Or if your friend wants to explore photography, maybe it’s a gift certificate for a photography class.

Here’s a roundup of the best gifts for artists that will spark their creativity, help them pursue their craft with success, and empower their artistic process. 

Gifts to inspire artists

If your artist could use a boost of inspiration, here are the best gifts that will open up their creativity. 

The Artist’s Way. This iconic book by Julia Cameron is a must-have for the artist in your life. Part creativity workbook and part self-help tome, The Artist’s Way is considered by many as an essential part of the creative process. Devotees of The Artist’s Way love the book’s gentle and supportive voice and swear by its life changing exercises like the Morning Pages and Artist’s Date. Regardless if your recipient has been a lifelong creative or is just starting to tap into their artistic side, they will undoubtedly benefit from this influential book. 

642 Things To Draw. It may sound counter intuitive, but creativity needs structure in order to thrive. If we have too much freedom and space, our minds can have trouble focusing, which can then lead to creative blocks. That’s why workbooks can be so helpful in harnessing our creativity. The 642 Things To Draw workbook offers drawing prompts to help inspire the artist within. Your recipient can use these pages to draw, sketch, paint, watercolor, whatever their heart desires. And once they get something down on the page, they will be eager to keep going and build on their momentum. This book is great for anyone who needs a creativity boost or a relaxing outlet. 

Write This For Inspiration. It’s not always easy figuring out what you want in life. But thanks to Ashley Perez’s guided journal, exploring one’s life doesn’t have to be so daunting anymore. The Write This For Inspiration guided journal features colorful designs, motivational words, and fun exercises and prompts that examine purpose, creativity, relationships, and empowerment. It would make a great gift for anyone who needs a little encouragement to take that next step in their artistic career or brainstorm their next big idea. 

Gifts to help artists hone their craft 

It doesn’t matter if they’re a freelance writer or a working photographer, every artist needs effective tools to help them accomplish their work. 

Hourglass. Give your recipient the gift of time with this beautiful and unique 15 minute hourglass. Screens and devices can be too much of a distraction during the creative process and this hourglass ensures that they manage their time without the temptation of scrolling away on their phone. 

Ultimate Writer’s Suite. This would make a lovely gift for fledgling writers, professional scribes, or anyone who loves to express themselves with the written word. The Ultimate Writer’s Suite includes our Ink+Volt Prompt Journal so they can exercise their writing muscles with creative writing challenges; a soft cover lined notebook for journaling and self-reflection; a sticky memo to jot down ideas and reminders; a Spark Creativity matchbox for a playful way to generate ideas; and a beautiful gel pen to let the words flow on the page. 

Brush pens. If your recipient is into lettering, watercolors, or bullet journaling, they will absolutely love this set of Fudebiyori brush pens. With its vibrant colors, these brush pens are perfectly poised for coloring small details or ample spaces. With the convenience of a pen and the impact of a water color, these brush pens are great for both painting novices and experts alike. 

Gifts that offer encouragement

Who doesn’t need a little pep talk every now and then? Help cheer on your artist with these encouraging gifts. 

Affirmators! Affirmation cards. It may sound a little cheesy but an essential part of the creative process is to empower yourself with positive affirmations. Creating and sharing one’s personal work is a scary endeavor. And it’s not always easy shutting off the inner critic when you’re trying to create. That’s why it’s so important to balance out the negative voice with empowering words. These affirmation cards are a fun and easy way to practice positive affirmations and remind your recipient just how awesome they are. 

Mantra journal. Mantras can enhance focus and concentration and relieve stress and anxiety. This lovely mantra journal would provide a calming element to a morning routine and help them ease their way into the creative process. 

Handwritten card. A handwritten card to express how much you believe in them would go a long way toward making your artist feel loved and supported.
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