The Power of Setting a Weekly Intention

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A weekly intention can positively shape your days, your goals, and even your inner self.

Whereas a resolution or a goal is often accompanied by the pressure to succeed or achieve results, an intention is more like a gentle nudge toward your dreams and goals. It helps you stay on course. 

An intention can also be used to help you feel more grounded and bring out your best self. Whether it’s to remind you to be more mindful or encourage you to put yourself out there, an intention offers a way to steer your personal development. 

Here’s how you can set an intention to add a deeper purpose to your week. 

What is a weekly intention

A weekly intention is an objective that you want to fulfill for the upcoming week. For example, let’s say that your weekly intention is to say yes to more things. You would then make a conscious effort to say yes to more opportunities coming your way, like a dinner invitation or a chance to take on a new project.

Think of a weekly intention as your north star. It gives you a sense of direction for your week and lets you know what to focus on. 

Why it helps to have a weekly intention 

So how does a weekly intention benefit your week? Here are some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to set an intention.

A weekly intention gives shape and structure to your days

Without an overarching purpose, our days feel like we’re on autopilot mode, in which we’re shuffling from home to the office and back again. Or, the days feel chaotic and disorganized, with no sense of work life balance.

But an intention can give us more clarity about how we want to spend our time. When we have a clear and defined purpose, we have a better idea about what to say no to and what to say yes to. 

A weekly intention keeps you engaged

Do you often feel like you’re waiting for that one email or phone call that will bring you positive news? We stare at our phones and check our inbox, as if a dream job or opportunity will magically appear.

Rather than taking the backseat in life and waiting for things to happen to you, an intention can activate you and put you back in the driver’s seat. 

An intention opens up a way for us to be more engaged in our lives and to make deliberate choices. Whether it’s deciding to take more risks or be more mindful, an intention can empower us to take action. 

A weekly intention connects you to your goals

An intention can also help you connect to your goals by putting them front and center.

A big part of successful goal setting is to make small steps everyday to get closer to it. But the truth is that real life and obligations get in the way, and throw us off course.

An intention, however, can shift your attention back to your goals. If you intend to spend twenty minutes a day on your goals, you’ll have an easier time committing to it. 

How to set a weekly intention

Define your intention. If you’re not sure what to set as a weekly intention, take fifteen minutes to write in your journal and reflect on how you’d like to spend your time and energy.

You can reflect on the past week and identify what you liked or didn’t like about it. Maybe your past week was really stressful and overwhelming with work. Then your intention for the upcoming week could be to slow down and make time for self-care. Or maybe you felt like the past week was really boring and monotonous. Then your intention for the upcoming week could be to try new things.

By checking-in with yourself and taking stock of how you’re feeling overall, you’ll have a much better idea of how you would like to spend the upcoming week. 

Write it down. After you’ve identified your intention, it’s important to write it down. Not only does this crystallize the intention in your mind, but the act of writing it down serves as a commitment to yourself. You could even write the intention down on a post-it and place it somewhere you can see it. Or write it in your planner so that you can see the intention everyday and be reminded to act on it. 

Morning and evening routine. Use your weekly intention to inspire your morning routine. You can spend some time thinking about all the different ways you can act on your intention throughout the day. Not a morning person? Use your nighttime routine as an opportunity to reflect on your intention. Think about lessons learned and how you can reset for the next day.

Examples of weekly intentions

Here are some ideas for a weekly intention that will help you connect with your goals, personal development, and overall good vibes for the days ahead. 

Goals. A weekly intention can help make your goals a priority. Some intentions you can use are…

  • I will prioritize my goals this week.
  • I will do one thing a day related to my goal.
  • How to put your intention into action. If your intention is to prioritize your goals this week, then the aligned action can be to work on your goal first thing in the morning, or to say no to events or obligations that are not directly related to your goal. 

Personal development. A weekly intention can inspire you to do your best. Some examples you can use are…

  • I will step outside of my comfort zone this week.
  • I will read more books this week. 
  • How to put your intention into action. If your intention is to step outside of your comfort zone, you can make a deliberate effort to take small to midsize risks throughout the week. Invite that coworker you really respect out for coffee. Offer to do a work project that’s above your skill level. Or attend a networking event. 

Good vibes. Set a weekly intention to help you invite peaceful and calming vibes into your day. Some examples are…

  • I will be more mindful.
  • I will stay calm during hard times.
  • How to put your intention into action. If your intention is to be more mindful, you can do things like journal in the morning or take long walks outside or unplug at night to help you stay consistent with your intention.
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