Washi Tape Ideas to Use in Your Office

Two rolls of washi tape, rolled out and stuck to a desk next to a calendar and two gold paperclips.

There are few office supplies that can do as much as washi tape can. 

If you don’t already have a couple of rolls sitting on your desk, it’s time to jump on the trend that will up your office game. 

What exactly is washi tape? It’s colorful masking tape took Japan by storm a few years ago for its fun designs. It’s great to use because it’s very durable but doesn’t leave behind those sticky residues like heavy duty tapes do. While it’s a thin material, it will stick to nearly everything.

The office supply has become so popular everywhere because it has so many uses. From crafts to organizing, even to decorating, you’ll probably find a handful of ways to use it. 

The greatest thing about washi tape? There are tons of great designs: From Ink+Volt’s plethora of fun colors, like this chic copper style, to more ornate designs, like this beautiful Japanese floral tape. There are several different widths available too. If you can think it, there’s probably a washi tape that will work.

We like to use it in the office because it’s an easy way to personalize while maintaining extreme organization. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Design a calendar 

Sometimes the best way to visualize the month is to put it on a big dry erase board or poster. Instead of trying to draw the perfect line, use washi tape to create the days. Remember to create enough boxes for the days and measure to make sure they’re all even. 

You can find a full tutorial here. 

2. Build a perfect bullet journal

If you’re ultra creative when it comes to scheduling, washi tape is perfect. Add it to your bullet journaling to create boxes, lists and even a calendar with a tape roll that is perfect for creating your own planner that works just the way you need it to.  

Other ways you can use washi tape in your bullet journal are: marking pages to show different months or topics, taping photos or notes to pages, and creating headers for your notes.

3. Make page markers

Whether you’re studying for a big test or marking pages in a notebook, washi tape is a good addition to your work. Either slip a piece of tape on to the page — different designs can be coded to signify different types of information or notes — or make your own individual page markers that you can reuse and move as you please. 

To make a page marker: create a tab made of washi tape by cutting a small strip of the tape and folding it over so the ends are attached to a paperclip. This is perfect for keeping papers together, but also separate from a whole bunch of other documents.

4. Customize a Keyboard 

When we say you can use washi tape for just about anything, that’s not an understatement! Snazzy up your keyboard with washi tape. For this DIY, you’ll also need an exacto knife. Simply take a strip of tape and place it across a row of keys, then cut around the keys. Here’s a tutorial. 

5. Personalize your notebooks

For those of us who like to hold on to notebooks for future reference, finding the exact notebook a few months later can be grueling. But if you mark the spine of the notebook with a different washi tape, it makes the task so much easier. You’ll probably remember the color or style of the tape, plus it’s an easy way to add some personalization. Write the dates of use on the washi tape to make organizing even simpler.

6. Decorate a cork board 

Cork Boards can be a great place to brainstorm and organize thoughts, even if they’re just early ideas. Washi tape is helpful to separate topics, add color and organize. Even better, is that the tape is easy to move around, so you’ll never have to commit to a layout. It can change as often as your ideas. 

7. Color code a filing system

Another organizing win with washi tape: filing systems. Folders that can easily blend together are more recognizable when you use washi tape to create tabs. Put the washi tape on the edge of the folder to make it easier to see writing or color code for easy organizing. For example, maybe a blue tab is for folders with documents and green tabs are for mail. However you decide to employ washi tape here, it’s sure to make your life a little bit easier.

8. Organize a mess of cords

We’ve all been there. We’re re-organizing our desks and cords end up being a tangled mess! Between phone lines and computer chargers, it can be a complicated task to keep everything in its place. Washi tape becomes really great for these types of situations. 

Grab a different style washi tape for each cord. Mark the two ends of the cords with the washi tape. Don’t worry about it leaving behind residue and ruining the plastic ends, because this tape is specifically made to avoid that. By tagging each end of the cord, you’ll have a much easier time untangling the cable jungle.

9. Make an easy photo frame 

All of those loose photos you have in your desk drawer deserve a little attention. Create easy frames by lining the photo on each side with your choosing of a washi tape. The tape won’t ruin the edges of the photo and it’ll protect them from finger smudges when you’re passing them around. Win-win.

10. Design simple stationary 

If you need a quick stationary fix, washi tape is the go-to. The bevy of designs can create an easy border that fits the look you’re going for: simple, fun, professional or a combination of all. Washi tape is sure to make your note stand out. Make sure to measure the tape to the paper accurately and cut the tape as straight as possible. Your DIY will sure to look expert.

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